Chapter 119

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“The asteroids have stopped coming.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“It seems that those people have decided to intervene.”

“Uh… you mean the High Gods?”

I swallowed my saliva nervously.

“Maybe one of those observers finally decided to step in.”

“Who are they?”

“Although Gods can be quite powerful, only a few among them are strong enough to restrain asteroids. ”

“So who could it be? It’d probably be best if we can prepare ourselves in advance.”

“We can’t be sure, but with that level of strength it must be Atlas or Thor. They sent stronger ones than I expected.”  

“Try not to look so nervous, this is mostly a show of force to gain some advantage in the upcoming negotiations.”

“Right, but if they are so powerful, why don’t they just create their own planet.”

Gnoss however shook his head and explained.

“Simply having sufficient power isn’t enough to create a planet and it isn’t easy to escape the inner politics of the Gods. In order to create and rule their own planet, they would probably need a backing on the same level as Metatron or Skyfather.”

“I see, so even a God’s life is quite complicated.”

“Of course, ever since the disappearance of the Supreme Gods, the Gods have almost constantly been at war. Since their awareness is so complete, they can know almost anything that is going on in the universe. This means that they will find many situations to bicker over.”

“Hmm… why is it that Gods don’t anything regarding the disappearance of these supreme Gods?”

“There are several theories on the subject, but it seems that the two highest Gods, omniscience and omnipotence had argued over something prior to their disappearance. ”

“Really, what was their argument about?”

“That remains a mystery to all. In fact discovering this truth has been the main goal behind the Gnossian Coalition.”

“Ah, right, Gnoss, you were a part of that group!”

“I guessed as much, perhaps when I reincarnated into a human I was influenced somewhat by my past memories and chose my name to reflect that of the organization.”

“No wonder they have the same name.”

“Right, well actually my memories as Harpok are largely incomplete and I can’t remember all those which had joined the Gnossian coalition.”

“I see, out of Harpok we had only managed to learn that Gaia had once been a part of it.”

“Yes, her I can remember, but as for the information on other members….”

“By the way Gaia will lose her divinity in about 20 years time.”

I informed him of a future event which had just come to me.

“What, who did you hear that from?”


“Ah… that little bastard. That’s too bad, Gaia was recognized by all as a great goddess who had won the hearts and mind of all humans alike.”

“Well, it only happens in the future.”

“Ah right, we’re talking about the future now.”


Nautilus had run into an unshakable presence.


Over that past year we had retrofitted Nautilus into a 200 meter high spacecraft. It was outfitted with our strongest Rohim Shield as well as the Tri-force laser cannon, so I was quite confident in its abilities should a space war occur. An existence which could take on the Nautilus’ momentum head on wasn’t something to be underestimated.

Just as I was thinking that to myself, Gnoss spoke up.

“Just what are those High Gods up to!”

“Come out you foolish mortal! How dare you create this filthy rock in this universe of us gods!”

He stood atop Nautilus’ command center holding a giant hammer.


“That’s right,” Gnoss and I exchanged a knowing smile.

“God of thunder, Thor! How dare you show up to Master’s home without permission!”

Thanatos stood before him, her hand turning pitch black.

“Are you a new God of Death? It’s my first time seeing you.”

Thor rested his hammer on his shoulder and asked curiously.

“Why is it that you are interfering in our work, Thor?”

“Is this your doing? Hm, you also feel like a God, where have I seen you before…”

Thor pondered s he looked at Gnoss.

“I’m Harpok, I just have a different appearance right now.”

“Ah, the God of Secrets, I remember now. It was said that you had been captured by Metatron, but it seems you are now free. Are you two the ones behind this?”

“Hey God of Thunder, stop meddling in our affairs.”

“Hm… what is that noise? Did I just hear the sound of two mosquitoes talking?”

Thor was obnoxiously pretending not to hear them and I was beginning to become more than a little annoyed by his arrogance.

“Thanatos, you don’t need to hold back against him.”

“Yes Master.”

“What? A God of Death at the beck and call of a mere mortal?”


Thanatos had appeared before him and was grabbing hold of his neck.

“Ha, it was a mistake of yours to get so close to me!”


Thor swung his giant hammer but it hit nothing but empty space.

“That’s not good.”

“Ha! You may be the God of Thunder, but I’m Death itself, you can’t harm me.”

“Shit! How annoying.”

Thor swung his hammer dozens of times but it passed right through Thanatos as if she were a ghost.

“Why don’t you just give up and apologize. You should know by now tha mere thunder can’t vanquish death.”

“Just why is it that a God of Death serves at the whims of a mortal? Loki, Heimdall, come out and give me a hand!”

Kuuuung Saaah

Within moments a rainbow light appeared and out walked two beings. One with a dark blue cape and the other black.

“Thanatos, come back.”

“Yes Master.”

We were all now standing outside the Nautilus and it had turned into a 3v3. On out side we had myself, Thanatos and Gnoss, while they had Thor, Loki and Heimdall

“Brother, didn’t you say that you had come to negotiate?”

“I was about to start negotiating, Heimdall! Thanks for coming brother. I appreciate your help.”

Thor spoek to one of the Gods while wrapping his arm around his neck.

“Let’s see, Heimdall the Clairvoyant, Loki the God of Trickery and Thor, God of Thunder. Is it Odin’s three little musketeers? Huhuhu… I wonder if Odin is watching as well?”

Gnoss laughed sneakily, whereas Loki gave us a wide smile.

“Of course, Odin is all knowing.”

“Bullshit, only the God of Omniscience has that kind of ability. Odin is only slightly better than Heimdall with regards to their awareness.”

“Harpok don’t go too far, or do you want a taste of my hammer?”

Loki however, quickly interceded on his brother’s behalf.

“Stop that Thor, we didn’t come here to battle.”

“Well despite your position as the herald and your smooth tongue, brother, our purpose has yet to be achieved.”

Loki stared at Gnoss in contemplation.

“Huh… well that couldn’t be helped, but as you said it’s my role.”

“Come, spin for me your tales and lies, I, the God of Secrets shall listen to them.”

I heard Harpok speak out solemnly.

“How difficult. Father Odin has given me a tall order by asking me to convince this one.”

“Hurry up brother, we can’t keep this up for too long. Even with our powers stopping such large rocks can only be done for a limited period of time.”

“Is Thor helping out?”

“Yes he is, but it’s still the same and time is of the essence, you know that if we simply let go….”

“It’ll be a catastrophe.”

“Why is that?”

I asked curiously.

“Think of it as a stretched out rubber band, what would happen if you let go?”

“Oh I see, you are trying to threaten our planet’s core right?”

“Watch your tongue mortal, my hammer alone is enough to claim your puny life.”

“Enough brother! Go, I will handle the negotiations.”

Loki ordered but Thor stared at him without breaking eye contact. I was upset seeing the situation, but quickly calmed down.

“Gnoss, tell them that I don’t respond well to threats.”

“Will it be fine?”


“Did you hear that?”

Gnoss said coldly. Loki stayed pensively for a little while before turning to Thor.

“Brother, just get rid of the asteroids.”

“What about the negotiations?”

“I think we need to show some good faith first.”


“Father had told us that Loki would be in charge in these negotiations.”

When Heimdall said that, Thor’s face turned ugly.

“Fine, I understand, I’ll go back. Tell me the results of this negotiations of yours, brother, else I’ll come back and bash their heads in with Mjölnir.”


Thor disappeared in a flash of lightning.

“Good, well now that the muscle head is gone, why don’t we start the negotiations? In fact, perhaps I should be addressing the one standing beside you. Your name was Johra, right?”

Loki gave a cordial greeting, making me feel at ease.

Loki, how can I negotiate with the God of Trickery?

“My brother Heimdall is very reliable. Thor has the brawns, Heimdall is the most reliable and I have my brains.

A show of strength, then absolute confidence, followed by reason and negotiations. It was a three step scheme to gain a small edge in the talks to come.

“So what do you want to talk about?”

“We know what you are trying to make.”


“We want a stake in your venture, and in turn we can offer protection.”

“But why should we cut you in? Would we have to do the same to any Gods which turn up on our doorstep?”

Gnoss jumped in, he was aware that although Odin and his family  were the first to arrive, they would be no means be the last we’d see of the Gods.

“God of Secrets, as you well know, Odin is part of the three strongest Gods. Can you not also see that all three sons of Odin are here to guarantee your protection. Skyfather will not intervene in this matter, which only leaves Metatron, but he isn’t in this universe any longer. The other gods are not our opponents.”

“There are Gods stronger than Odin. Perhaps not alone, but if Zeus’ Olympians join up with the Titans, they would more than be your match, not to mention that there are several other factions out there. What makes you think that you are so superior?”

“Ha ha ha… you are indeed the God of Secrets and already know of all the forces opposed to us. You’re right, those powers would definitely intervene should we start to cooperate, but….”


“We know the whereabouts of Ragnarok’s key.”

“You do?”

“And that’s why we are confident that the other Gods aren’t our opponents.”

‘Huh? A key? I have one of those, but it can’t be the one they are talking about.’

“Well… then that’s a different story.”

“What key is he talking about, Gnoss?”

“It’s the key which can bring about the decline of the Gods.”

“Decline of the Gods?”

“Right, it’s a a key which opens the Tower of the Gods, giving the owner the ability to cause the deaths of all gods, and have their powers reborn into another person. That is except for top Gods like Odin, Skyfather and Metatron.

Hearing that story I was finally convinced that I was in possession of that very key.

“But why is knowing where it is so important?”

“Huh? Well obviously whoever has it can basically decide the life and death of any regular God. The only thing people know about it was that Skyfather had hidden it away, but no one has heard about it since.”

“Maybe he’s just lying, after all he is Loki.”

“If that were the case Heimdall would have said something since she never lies.”


“Are you two finished?”

Loki looked at us with a silly expression.

“Yes, but since you already know the key’s location why would you come and negotiate with us? That alone is enough to secure a favorable position amongst the Gods no?”

Loki’s face erupted into a crooked smile.

It’s because my father wants to break free of Skyfather’s rule and create his own Asgard, The key which could allow all that to happen is right over there.”

Loki laughed wickedly as he pointed to the pouch hanging to my side. Gnoss however turned towards me, visibly upset.

‘What did you want me to do? I didn’t know the nature of this key.’

‘You should have asked me Johra!’

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