Chapter 120

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I needed to come to a decision and ignore Gnoss’ scolding for the moment. If they already knew all about it then I had little choice in the matter.

“Fine, Loki you and your clan shall have your stake in this venture, but in return, be sure to protect Utopia when the time comes.”

“That’s great news, Johra. I’ve finally succeeded my mission, how big will our stake be?”

“One percent.”
Gnoss immediately spoke out. In truth I was about to offer 3 percent, but Gnoss had a shrewder business mind

“That seems a tad low. Is that truly all you can offer, Gnoss?”

“Nonsense, you’d best accept this much since it’s five times more than you’d get by fighting for it with the other gods.”

Tch! It’s hard to one up the God of Secrets, I was expecting to get about 3% from Johra.

“Why do you think that I jumped in.”

“Will you allow us to create our own Asgard?”

“We already have a satellite moons which we use as lookouts to monitor for any incoming forces, but it would be a good idea to have another as well to make sure we have better coverage.”

“Okay, what size do you want it to be?”

“Somewhere between 150~200 km diameter should be fine, Johra.”

I nodded back and went to work. I was confident in leaving the finer details of the negotiations to Gnoss.

“So it’s agreed.”

“Yes, everything is okay, Heimdall?”

“Yes, I will act as guarantor for this transaction, as Odin has given his blessing.”


Thor appeared in a flash of lighting.

“So what’s the result, brother? Have you made any progress?”

Loki nodded back, then pointed towards Heimdall who agreed as well.

“Well done brother, since we have completed Odin’s wishes to the letter, can I return now?”

“Just a moment, Thor. Previously you acted rude towards my master, so if you don’t apologize then these negotiations aren’t finalized.

Thanatos spoke out in an oppressive manner. She had not said a peep until now, but was suddenly burning with hostility.

I was wondering if I should put a stop to her, but Gnoss stealthily shook his head.

“You! As a God of Death have you no shame, serving this mortal? I’ve endured and been patient until this point because of my father Odin’s command, but you choose to test me? Foolish!”

“Master, let me teach this guy a lesson!”

Thanatos asked me for permission to beat him up, but Gnoss quickly spoke to me telepathically.

‘At this point it would be better to have Thor indebted to us due to his rudeness. Odin must have have instructed Thor to listen to Loki’s commands during this negotiations, so we can gain something here.’

Although all three of those Gods stood as equals, it was clear that due to Odin’s blessings, Loki was above the rest during these talks.

“Trickster Loki, isn’t this a breach of our contract?”

“I understand Johra, but you see my brother doesn’t really listen to me all that much.”

“Well perhaps we should exclude him from our contract then?”

Loki and Gnoss both smiled knowingly.

“Brother, Odin has given me the responsibility of overseeing these negotiations, agreed?”


“I think you will need to put aside your ego for now, in order for this talks to move forward. Allfather Odin’s instructions trump all else.”

“Tell me what I should do, brother.”

Thor’s expression contorted in anger as he understood that he would definitely suffer a loss.

“I, Loki, son of Odin, apologize on behalf of my brother Thor. Furthermore, to ensure the successful negotiations, I order you to serve under sir Johra until the completion of Asgard. Is this not also Odin’s will, Heimdall?”

“It is.”

“No, brother, for me to serve under a mortal….”

“Are you trying to go against our father, Odin’s will?”

Both Loki and Heimdall turned to stare at him seriously and he finally relented, dropping his hammer in defeat.

“You are right, Loki. I must follow father’s will.”

Despite his great pride, Thor walked before me and bowed his head.

“Please forgive my previous rudeness.”

Thanatos still had her arms crossed in dissatisfaction, but I was glad instead. Having a strong God at the forefront would certainly help dissuade other Gods form meddling in our affairs.

It was a scheme agreed upon between Loki and Gnoss after just a quick glance at one another. We both benefited from the result, as Loki was able to make a rival brother of his suffer while we gained the employ of a God.

‘Johra, Odin should be aware of all that has been going on here because Heimdall can communicate telepathically with him regardless of the distances. That is why Thor was quick to succumb.’ Heimdall’s word is the same as if it had come from Odin.

‘Ah, is that so’

‘Right, Heimdall is not only a God, but also acts as Odin’s Messiah. It’s a complex and close relationship, but it seems that in the end the result is quite favorable for us.’

The negotiations complete, Loki and Heimdall left to return to Odin’s side, while Thor stayed behind, standing in the command center of the Nautilus feeling dejected.

However, we were able to quickly change his mood as Lena got a couple androids to brew several barrels of ale. He seemed to become alive after drinking the beer, but the subsequent singing which sounded like that of drunken sailors was hard to put up with.

“Is that drunk really Thor, the God of Thunder?”

“Yes, when he drinks his personality is completely different. Still, he’s the same Thor who is top 3 among Gods regarding brute force.

He soon passed out, having drunk too much, but perhaps due to his divinity he recovered quickly. Gnoss then passed by and put him to work.

“That one’s really huge, how is he able to move it so effortlessly.”

“Electromagnetism, since he’s the God of Thunder, he can move those large asteroids if they are rich in iron.”

“Ah, so it was like that.”

Much like the drones used by Lena, Thor was using his electromagnetic abilities to move forces that were otherwise beyond his power.

“It’s a great thing to have this God of Thunder working for us.”

“Finally something that muscles head is useful for.”

Thanatos exclaimed coldly from the side. She still held a grudge against him. Although I appreciated the fact that she had stepped up to defend me, It was now a bit too much since we were on the same side so I had to have a word with her.

“Thor is our ally now, so do try and go easy on him.”

“I understand that much, so as long as he doesn’t cause any mishaps I won’t go too far. I just don’t like him though.”

Thanatos spat out and left the command post. Normally she would go went on Krishna if she didn’t agree with something.

“Gnoss, was the name of Thor’s hammer Mjölnir?”

“Right, it’s actually the main source of Thor’s power. His father Odin bestowed it upon him.”

“Oh, then how do you think it would match up versus Krishna?”

“Ah… well even if Krishna is an artifact, Mjölnir is a weapon which has been personally blessed by Odin, so perhaps it’s a bit stronger?”

“I see, just don’t say that in front of Krishna, he would surely get angry.”


Gnoss and I both stared at  Mjölnir curiously, wondering how it would feel to one day hold it in our hands.

Shortly after delegations from Zeus’ and Ra’s factions arrived, but they were turned back through Thor’s sheer might. Three months later, Utopia was finally completed.

“Ten… nine… eight….”

“Ah~ are we finally finished?”

“Yes and no, although the size of the planet is there, the real hard work begins now. We will need to terraform the surface in order to create a hospitable environment which can accommodate life. This here are some of the proposals which Zaira had put forth, there are over 100,000 of them which require your immediate attention.”

“What? Can’t you just take care of this?”

“Nonsense,  in the first place you were the one who wanted to micromanage the development of Utopia down to the very detail.”

“Ah… but 100,000….”

“Fusion is complete, waiting for temperature to cool to proceed.”

“As soon as Lena finished her announcement a string of messages appeared before me.

[Race has changed to Evolutionary God]

[Became God of Creation]

[Utopia Planet]

[All skills have been restored]

[You have learned Thought Creation Lv1]

[You have learned Indestructible Lv1]

[You have learned Immortality Lv1]

[You have learned Space Restoration Lv1]

[Acquired ⦅Title: Revival⦆]


Countless more skills and titles appeared but I wasn’t able to focus on them due to the wailing of a siren

“Warning! Warning! An incoming Solar Flare has been detected. It’s trajectory has been determined to be on a collision course with planet Utopia and will arrive in 15 minutes and 24 seconds.”

“Damn High God lunatics! They made a star’s corona explode.”

“What kind of damage are we looking at Lena?”

“It’s radius is expected to be that of 5,000 km upon impact and can blow up half the planet.

“Those greedy pigs! They can’t swallow up any of it so they choose to blow it up! This must be either Apollo or Ra’s doing!”

I was distressed by the urgency in Gnoss’ voice. True, I had just become a God, but I had no way in preventing the incoming catastrophe.

“How about the Extinction gun?”

“It would help, but it won’t be enough as it could only block part of it.”

“Worry not, God of Secrets, how dare they send this our way when they know that I, Thor and here!”


Thor turned into a streak of lightning and flew out towards the incoming sun.

“Can he really stop it by himself?”

“Well, we don’t have much of a choice but to rely on him, but even if he succeeds he won’t come out unscathed.”

“Then why didn’t you stop him from going?”

“As a God, if you encounter something with exceeds your strength you will still be wounded. He won’t die, but the recovery process would be quite lengthy.”

“Well this is the reason which Odin sent Thor over here. I guess Odin is listening in on our conversation, so the reason he isn’t showing up is that he is confident in Thor’s abilities.

“Isn’t this father asking a bit too much out of his son?”

“They have a complicated relationship. Some legends even claim that their is a power struggle between them in which they need to keep their strengths in check. ”

“Sounds troublesome.”

Shh, we don’t know if that old guy is listening.”

After a short time Lena spoke up.

“A large hole has appeared in the center of the incoming solar flare, so it shouldn’t affect planet Utopia too badly.”

“Ah, how fortunate.”

“Well, there’s another problem, Johra.”


“Take a look at that.”

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