Chapter 121

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“Um… why are there so many balls of light?”

“We have detected hundreds of bodies of energy approaching from 3 o’clock.”

Lena announced ominously.

“I see, it seems that the Egyptian Gods and Olympians have finally made their move.”

“Ah, then was the earlier solar flare just a ruse to lure out Thor?”



Suddenly a bunch of rainbow lights appeared in Nautilus’ command center as dozens of gods appeared.

“Johra, Odin has sent over reinforcements as per our contract.”

Loki appeared and spoke cordially.

“Thank you, but do we even have a way to deal with so many Gods?”

I turned to Gnoss and asked.

“Well… maybe if we slow down time, giving Thor a chance to return. By the way Loki, is your father not coming? I would have expected him to join us in such an emergency.”

Loki’s expression became uncomfortable as he answered.

“Well, not too long ago he was tasked by Skyfather to participate in a mission, maybe….”

“Ah, so the Olympians might have had a hand in this.”

Loki nodded back solemnly.

“Damn! We simply don’t have any chance of winning this encounter.  How will be get out of this one? Are we going to have to buy time and simply wait for a miracle?”

Arms crossed, I was only half listening to the conversations going on around me, as I focused on a single thought.


It was only then that I snapped out of it and responded.

“Just give me as much time as you can.”

“Alright, did you hear that Loki?”

“We’ll do as you said. In the name of the almighty Odin, to battle!”

“For Odin!”

They fired up their powers and rushed towards the incoming Gods.

“I’ll go join them, Johra.”

“Okay, but if you see that it’s getting too dangerous make sure to run away and save your life, alright Thanatos?”

Bowing down momentarily, she then straightened herself up and vanished into a dark shadow.

“Gnoss, how much time do we have?”

“Uhm… Lena?”

“What is our distance from the enemy?”

“About two AU.”

She went silent as she made her complicated calculations, before responding.

“Considering the distance and factoring more or less how much time the Norse Gods can buy, I’d say three hours at best, if we’re unlucky then two.”

“Good, Is the Extincition gun on the Nautilus operational?”

“Sure… but it won’t be enough against these Gods. The energy output would have to be at least 10,000 times stronger.”

“I’ll begin preparations.”

“Huh? Didn’t you just hear me? It’s not possible, you’d need to make it 10,000 times stronger.”

“I know, but are you aware what kind of God I am?”

“What? You became a God? No wonder I couldn’t check your status anymore.”

“God of Creation.”

“God of Creation, what kind of God is that? I’ve never heard of it before….”

“I’m the God of all things that have been made with the ability to enhance all creation.  I feel like I’m the first and last of my kind.”

Ah! It’s normal for one to understand their own ability best, but now that I think about it, the first God was said to have such a power. Wait, first and last? Is that even possible? I’m pretty sure that when a God dies then his power is reborn in another right?”

I shook my head.

“I’m not sure about that, but I just know that if I were to die, no one would gain this power. Still, as I’m an Immortal God then I can’t die, right?”

“Well… it’s not certain. If you are attacked by a certain power which exceeds your threshold, since you don’t have immortality and indestructible body at MaxLv, then it is possible that you are destroyed by one terrifying blow.”

“So it comes down to power. Well, as the God of Creation, I should be able to enhance the power of stuff which has been built.”

“So anything which has been built? Are you some kind of engineering God?”

“Perhaps, let’s not waste any more time and quickly begin construction of the Extinction gun.”

“Sounds like fun! Join us Lena.”

We headed to the center of the Nautilus and arrived in a large room where Lena projected the components and assembly instructions.

“Will you be able to complete it, Johra?”

“I’ll need some time. It’s quite the complex device isn’t it?”

“Of course, it is afterall the most powerful weapon which was made after combining the research of humanity across two universes.”

“Well, I feel like it shouldn’t be so hard to enhance, the capacity here just needs to be tweaked….”

“What, you’ve already found some deficiencies? Johra, how’s that possible? I thought it would take you much longer.”

“I spent a whole hour examining the plans before calling for her.”



“Help place the Extinction gun in the designated location of the magic circle I will draw in the hologram.”

I drew a nice magic circle based on the previous one Lena had designed, but improved on certain areas and included four main cores.

“Looks cool, but I’ve never seen some of those symbols before. I wonder how it works.

“I’ll explain it to you and Gnoss later on, so for now just focus on helping out.”

“Okay, what can I do?”

“Material Creation”

I began to construct a circuit board to guide the firing mechanism of the gun.

“Oh! Is that a circuit board you’re building?”

“Right, I can build anything that I can imagine. It’s a combination of the previous skills and new one Thought Creation

“It sounds cool, so where do you place the circuit board?”

“How should I know? Lena, where does it go?”

“Ah, understood!”

After installing it, Gnoss and I backed off and focused on the energy source.

“And for the last part, Create Magic Stone!”

I held a large magic stone using both hands.

“Wow, Johra you’ve definitely improved. Last time around, when you were a Demi-Lich you could only create a magic stone the size of your fist, but now it’s more than ten times bigger.”

“Lena, open up the compartment for the magic stone.”

“Opening the section now.”


I place the stone in the weapons core and turned to Gnoss.

“Let’s head back to the command center.”

“Yes! I definitely can’t wait to see the destructive powers of this new Hyper-Extinction gun!”


I asked Gnoss as we ran along the hallways.

“Ah, you don’t like it? Should I change the name?”

“I think its fine, Johra.”

Lena piped up. Although I felt it was a bit of a strange name, I decided to let it slide.

When we arrive to the command bridge I instructed Lena.

“Begin the countdown.”

“Yes Sir!”

Suddenly all the lights turned off.

“Uhm, is there some kind of problem? Is it not safe to fire?”

“No Johra, Lena just turned off the lights to build the mood, it was a good idea.”

Gnoss added, but I couldn’t help but grumble. I had already adjusted the output to take into consideration how much energy it took to power the Nautilus, but it seemed to have been wasted effort.

“Rerouting all power sources to fire up the weapon. Requesting permission to begin the start up sequence for the Hyper-Extinction gun.”

“Make sure to give me a countdown, Lena. Also, contact the Norse Gods and Thanatos and inform them to escape the blast zone. They should be able to return back here to the bridge with that same rainbow ability from earlier, right?”

“Yes, I’ve just spoken to them and they’ll be here soon.”

“Understood, target locked on!”

Gnoss and Lena answered me almost simultaneously.

PPip Ppip

The projected trajectory appeared on the screen before us.

“Charging at 98%”

The gauge marking the gun’s energy levels was almost full.

“Turning on the beam amplifier!”

“Turning off all safety locks.”

The five lights which represented the safety devices we had in place began blinking on the screen before me.

“It’s quite the lengthy process.”

“It’s normal, we need to make sure it’s secure since it has more than enough power to blow up an entire sun.”

“Hmm I guess so.”

“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…4……………………………. Fire!”


Perfectly timed, a rainbow light shone on the bridge as the dozens of Gods reappeared.

“I’m glad you’ve made it back safely,Loki, and thanks for taking Thanatos along with you.”

“Of course, but just what wa that thing that just fired? I felt an incredibly ominous energy coming my way.”

“It’s the Hyper-Extinction gun! Ha ha ha!”

Although Gnoss shouted out excitedly, Loki only nodded back in a serious manner.

“A fitting name, if such powerful magic actually hits a God head on, it might even be able to immediately destroy them.”

Impact confirmed. EMP shock is expected to arrive in 20 seconds, brace for impact.”

“Hmm, EMP shock? I thought that the Rohim shield was able to deal with that?”

I asked Gnoss but he shook his head.

“That was true for the gun’s previous version, but this one is much more powerful, so it’s unlikely to hold up.”

“Is that so?”

“Shutting down all power function except the shield to protect them from the EMP.”


A silence pervaded the bridge as all the lights were once again turned off.

“Johra this feels fun.”

Thanatos exclaimed happily.

“So… did it work?”


Shortly after Thor appeared in a flash of lightning.

“Brother, you’ve come.”

“Yes, I was given charge of the Asgardian elites by our father Odin.”

“Yes, I saw your battle from afar, but before I returned I witnessed a dangerous looking magic spell being fired.”

“Johra here has used his Extinction gun to defeat our numerous adversaries.”

“Hmm… but it seems that he didn’t get all of them.”

Thor pointed out to the five lights which were still making their way towards us.

“Judging by their colors, it seems to be Zeus, Hera, Hades, Ra and Horus.”

Gnoss said as he let out a groan.

“Are they the strongest ones?”

“That would be an understatement. Even if we were to combine the strength of all the other Gods we just defeated, they’d be inferior to just those five alone. Perhaps Thor can deal with only one of those five.”

“Right, even combining our strengths I don’t know if we can deal with them. At most we can handle 3 of them.”

“Then what are we supposed to do?”

“We can delay for time once more, but I don’t think they’ll give us that chance.”


“We can’t know the result before we’ve clashed, I’ll choose to believe in Mjölnir.”

I turned to look at Thor.

“Your weapon, Thor. Can it be that it was made by Odin?”


“Just what are you thinking Johra? Are you planning on even improving a God’s creation?”

“Well we won’t know unless we try, right? Thor, could you hand it over to me one moment?”

“Ha ha ha!”

Thor’s booming laughter rang in the bridge.

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