Chapter 122

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“Fool! You’ve only just become a God and you wish to wield my weapon which only a chosen one can touch. If an unclean soul touches Mjölnir then you can die instantly, do you still dare grab it?”

He asked as he tossed his hammer towards me.

‘Um… should I not touch it then? Would it be possible to analyze it without touching?’

I contemplated as I looked down at Mjölnir which had fallen at my feet. Thor meanwhile was emitting a disgusting laughter.

“No, Johra don’t!”

Gnoss tried to dissuade me as I reached forth, but in the end I grasped its handle. Thor however looked at me in surprise.

“What! How is it that you are able to touch it? That’s ridiculous, only the chosen one can do so!”

Ignoring his screams, I began to peer within Mjölnir.

“How wonderful, it’s like a perfect balance between science and magic….”

“Right, there’s a tale that when creating Mjölnir, Odin poured in all his knowledge regarding magic and science… it seems for once the stories are true.”

Gnoss replied in a mumble and I nodded back.

“Is that the device which allows one to multiply the amount of Mana you can wield? And Thor wields electromagnetic powers….”

“Yes, he’s the God of Thunder.”

“Of course! I’m the King of all Thunder, now stop playing around with my weapon and return it to me!”

“Pipe down you! Gnoss, keep that guy under control until I’m done.”

“What, how am I supposed to control a Muscle head like him?”

I placed Mjölnir on the desk before me and took my time to analyze it properly.

“Hmm… why is that limiter in place? It should be able to produce a stronger output if it weren’t there. So might it overcharge if I did so, perhaps I should exchange the mana stones inside for better ones.”

“Create Magic Stone”

I created five of my my oversized manastones and brought them towards Mjölnir’s core.”

Shh Shh Shh

“Quite convenient, it’s able to absorb the stones by itself? So if I change this here, and this, let’s see… the electromagnetic force generated is quite nice, but there is another limiter here as well.”

Shortly after I was done with my modifications and threw the hammer back to Thor.

“Thor, take it! Just be careful not to destroy the ship, okay? The power output might be a bit different than what you are used to.”


As soon as Thor help Mjölnir, he turned into a streak of light and flew out into space.

“Hmm… is he fine? Maybe he just needs some time to adjust to his weapons new power. Thanatos?”

“Did you call for me, Master?”


I jumped up in surprise due to her appearing behind me like a ghost.

“You surprised me, next time try to appear in a more normal fashion.”

“But what if I like seeing your surprised expression?”

“Too bad, can you go and fetch me Krishna.”


As Thanatos vanished Gnoss approached.

“What happened with Thor?”

“He isn’t used to his new hammer yet….”


“What have you done to Mjölnir?”

Thor reappeared in a resounding thunder, flashing in and out of space, testing his new abilities.

“Nothing much, just removed certain limiters, replaced the magic stones and made small alterations to compensate for its new output.”

“I can’t believe it, does that mean that I’m more powerful than father Odin right now?”

“That isn’t true power, well anyways it seems our guests have arrived”

“Ok, Loki, warriors of Asgard, follow me into battle!”



Thor’s thunderous power eclipsed all others and drew my attention.

“I wonder if it’ll be more of an even fight now?”

“Johra, how is Thor now?”

Gnoss walked over and asked?

“Maybe 10 times stronger than previously. Actually the output of energy form Mjölnir has increased somewhere between 40-50 times, but he hasn’t had the chance to adapt to it yet.

“No way….”


“Well then perhaps Thor is stronger than Odin now.”

“Really, the difference between them was only 10 times?”

“Well in actuality it used to only be maybe 3-4 times. It’s a difference in their abilities since Odin is the God of Wisdom and Knowledge, whereas Thor’s abilities are more battle oriented.”

“Ah, then those limiters I found in Mjölnir make a lot more sense.”


“Right, there were certain safety devices in place which would control Mjölnir’s energy output. At first I thought it was that the weapon itself couldn’t pass a certain threshold, but now I suspect there was another reason.”

“Well, isn’t Odin quite the perfectionist?

“Seems so.”

After a short time what looked like a giant display of fireworks could be seen, far into space as the Gods clashed in battle. The bright blue lightning appeared to be the work of Thor, and the contrast with the dark, black space was put on quite the show.

“I think it would be more appropriate to call it an explosion, rather than simple lightning.”

“Right, what are his power readings at?”

“Energy emissions at about 10 ^21 eV, which is almost enough to destabilize the fabric of the universe. Even though we’ve enhanced the Nautilus’ defense and are so far away from battle, it’s taking a beating at the moment.”

Lena followed up with a detailed explanation, but it didn’t seem to do the blue lightning justice. It was like a giant blue sun had exploded into streaks of light, blazing across the universe.

“So you’ve come.”


Following a bright yellow light, Odin joined us on the bridge.

‘Odin? Didn’t he say that he was on a mission for Skyfather?’

“Maybe it was just an excuse, he likes to control things from behind the scenes.”

‘But why did he only set out now?’

“I suppose a certain variable has appeared.”


“You’ve essentially given Thor a pair of new wings.”

“You mean Mjölnir?”

“Right, If Thor beat everyone by himself, it might undermine Odin’s authority.”

Shortly after, the dozens of Norse gods reappeared in Nautilus’ command bridge.

“Revered Allfather Odin, you’ve come!”

Thor cried out as he raised his hammer, then along with the rest of the Gods from Asgard, descended on one knee.

I couldn’t see well with so many bright lights, but when it finally came to an end, I saw a group of six Gods.

“So it’s those guys.”

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