Chapter 123

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My face turned into a frown at his appearance.

‘Johra, it isn’t a good time to confront them. We still need to bide our time and amass power.’

“So you’ve come, we are sincerely glad you could make it.”

He greeted the new arrival cordially while I stood back and watched.

“Enough of all this ass kissing”

The God cloaked in a blue nimbus spoke out, I assumed that he would be Zeus.

“GodKing Zeus, did you not come here to negotiate?”

The one eyed God basking in a violet aura spoke out. It was probably Odin since he confronted Zeus so brusquely.

“Allfather, seeing you here today, I have indeed chosen to sue for peace, but not for that traitor and rookie God.”



I called her back since she was already walking towards Zeus with her hand surrounded by a black fog.

“GodKing Zeus, I hope that you haven’t forgotten that many of our followers were severely harmed by that insignificant new God. If it were not for the abilities of your wife, Hera, perhaps we would be all that’s left of our clans.

The god surrounded by a golden nimbus spoke out. He was likely Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. According to him, many of the Olympus and Egyptian Gods only survived due to Hera’s  assistance.

‘So many of them survived due to Hera’s ability, that’s too bad.’

‘Maybe they were transferred to a seperate space using her powers. Heimdall also has a similar ability, it makes for quite the useful escaping skill.’

Gnoss gave me a quick rundown on their powers.

‘Still they couldn’t have all escaped. It’s just as Ra just said, many of them have taken severe losses. If not for that fact, perhaps they would have already overpowered our Norse allies and we wouldn’t be in these talks.’

“Harpok, you dare betray your own kind, the Egyptian Gods….”

“Although I indeed carry many memories of Harpok, I have no intention of returning to the family. Where were you when Harpok was captured and held prisoner by Metatron. There already exists a river’s distance between us that I’m not willing to cross, I’m sure you understand.”

Gnoss responded coldly to Ra. No doubt he had already made up his mind on this issue.

“GodKing Zeus, I, Allfather Odin wish to declare this planet Utopia as being under my protection. Do you accept this NAP (Non Aggression Pact)?”

Odin declared in a booming voice. Zeus proceed to stroke his beard pensively before finally responding.

“I’ll take a 5% share, that’s my bottom line. I need to leave with this much tribute to save face, or else we would go back to fighting.”

“What? That’s far too much Zeus, how dare you!”

Thor barks out but Odin quickly moves to silence him.

I will put the question to my ally, Johra. We can split the cost with you half-half, what do you think?”

Odin asked me directly.

I exchanged a look with Gnoss before nodding back.

“Allfather Odin, we are willing to fork over 4% while you give the other 1%. This will be the concessions made on our part to ensure peace.”

Odin stared at me with his one eye before nodding.

“GodKing Zeus, you’ve come here today filled with foolish greed, seeking what is not rightfully yours. However we are magnanimous, so consider this Divine Grace as a token of our goodwill. Leave now, in the future it is not necessary for you to return to this place.”

흐흐흐 …let’s go.”

The Gods which were associated with Zeus’ group disappeared from the Nautilus’ bridge in an instant.

“Thank you for your compromise, because of this we didn’t have to undergo any unnecessary fighting. It seemed that they were ready to unleash the Gods which were hidden in Hera’s space, so I’m glad that we avoided any further bloodshed.”

Odin let out a sigh of relief, as he acknowledged that the danger had passed.


“Great, does this not deserve a victory toast? Bring out the booze! I want red meat and fresh fruit!”

“I’ll do so,” Lena replied to Thor’s whimsical demands.

‘Damn… I hope Thor controls his eating.’

We ended up throwing a medieval style banquet to celebrate our victory with our Asgard allies. Lena had walked me through a system by with I could use me Creation abilities to make food which has already been cooked to perfection.

“Fresh fruit, it takes like a freshly picked apple from Freya’s tree, and the mead! It flows like honey down our throats!

“Ha ha ha! Thor, won’t Freya get angry with you again if you overdo it?”

Thor was quite the party boy and had downed a few barrels of ale by himself. Well, in general these Asgard Gods were all big drinkers, which kept Lena and myself quite busy trying to keep up with the demand.

“Johra, didn’t you just achieve Godhood? Are you not confused by your new powers and position?”

Before me sat Odin, Loki and Heimdall, leisurely drinking and filling their stomachs.

“Thank you for your concern, but no, I’m not confused.”

“Well, it is true that you have been trying to become a God for quite some time now.”

Odin replied somewhat snarkily.

“Allfather Odin, Johra had never been aiming to be a regular God, but rather a powerhouse which could establish himself even among divinities.

Gnoss spoke out proudly as if her were naming his own achievements, causing Odin to frown.

“You erased all those obstacles I had put in place in order for that troublesome son of mine not to surpass me.”

‘Ugh… so he knows that removing the limiters was my doing.’

In truth I didn’t expect for a wise and experienced God like Odin to miss that, but still I never thought that he’d confront me directly.

“ A child grows up in his father’s shadow, but it would be irresponsible on the latter’s part to limit his sons growth. Allfather Odin, do you truly wish for Thor to hide in your shadow for all eternity?”

I stared back at Odin and gave him a sharp response.

“Pua haha! When has anyone spoke to me, Allfather Odin in such a way! I thought that my son Thor was bold, but here I find out you are even more so! Come, a toast to our alliance!”

Odin and I brought our mugs together and downed our drinks.

“A toast, to the eternal glory and dominion of the Gods!”

Odin took a drinking before looking at me.

“Then I’ll toast to everlasting peace and development!”


The toasts continued throughout the banquet, which ended up lasting a full month.

Odin would tell stories about his past while I would recount tales of my struggles as a mortal.

“Well, all good things have to come to an end! It’s time to go back and begin building our very own Asagard! Children of Odin, come, lend me your strength to build this new land together!”


They headed towards Utopia’s orbiting moon which they had named, Asgard. Teleporting through the aid of Heimdall’s Bitfrost Rainbow.

“Johra, my ally! I will now head to Asgard, just call if you require any assistance.”

“Allfather Odin the one-eyed! Thank you for your patronage!”

After nodding back, he turned into a crow and disappeared into the darkness.

“That looked like Huginn.”

Gnoss mumbled to himself as Odin left.


“Odin can transform into two different ravens, Huginn and Muninn. As Huginn he can travel to any place he can think of, and Muninn can even alter time.”

“How convenient.”

“He’s Allfather. It’s said that he has the widest array of abilities and a great mastery of their utilization. If Skyfather can be said to be a powerful tidal wave, then Odin is a jack of all trades.”

“Yes, but I wonder how strong Skyfather truly is….”

“Just imagine the strongest God possible.”

“Wouldn’t that be the Almighty God?”

“He would then be the closest one to the Almighty.”

“Hmm… how did you know that he wouldn’t interfere this time around?”

“Well… usually he is very absorbed in his own projects. This is just a single measly planet so it shouldn’t catch his attention.”

“That means if we go too far he’d surely intervene. ”

“Right, and Johra for you that would be….”


I finished his sentence resulting in an awkward silence. Finally I spoke up.

“Although my body is fine, my mind is exhausted. I’ll get some rest”

“You must have overdrawn your powers, Johra.”

“You’re in charge here.

I headed back to my cabin and laid down to get some sleep.

“Damn, so many things have happened so suddenly….”

I ended up falling asleep despite having so many things on my mind.

“Johra! It’s soon!”

“Oh, so you’re back.”

The person in my dreams appeared to be in quite the playful mood.

“Weren’t you wishing to see me?”

“I was?”

“The reason I returned was that I was drawn by your desire to see me.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Oh, and by the way… I guess it’s about time for the doors a destiny to open up.”

“Doors of destiny?”

“Oh, Johra, are you still incomplete? Perhaps it is not yet time then.”

“Hey! What are these doors of destiny you spoke of? Hello? Hey!”

I was once again talking to myself in my own dreams.

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