Chapter 124

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I woke from my dream all grumpy and miserable. Clearly there had been something important that I just missed out on.

“I couldn’t have been a normal dream, right?”

“Johra did you once again see that fellow in your dreams?”

Lena asked.

“I think so. I had another one of those bad dreams, but just what are the doors of destiny.”

“Doors of destiny… it sounds quite poetic. Why don’t you try and ask Gnoss about it?”

“Good idea,  where is he right now?”

“Supervising some work on the ship. I’ll contact him for you.”


“I told him to meet you on the command bridge in one hour.”


I prepared myself a warm bath, then sank right in.

“Hooah~! It doesn’t matter if one is a God or a mortal, the feeling is always great.”

“Are you enjoying your bath, Johra?”

“Yes, the temperature is just right.”

“Ok, I’ll modify the environment to match the mood. I’ll make it a wide and limitless desert, with a bright starry sky above. As for the weather, let’s go with an early fall breeze.”

“Woah… isn’t this the same one you used when I first slept with Viezda?”

“Oh, so you haven’t forgotten. Then please take a moment and let your mind wander back to that time, you’ve had too much on your plate recently.”

“Ok, just wake me up when it’s time.”

I felt all my accumulated stress slowly dissipate, as I listened to the chirping of crickets and felt the gentle wind rustle my hair.


Is it time already?

I woke up to the alarm, but I was no longer inside the Nautilus.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t it supposed to be a hologram? Lena?”

“Oh, Johra! We’ve lost communication with Headquarters, this is most definitely not the Nautilus. Still, it’s incredible, the environment which I had projected actually became a reality….”

“Lena, focus on what’s important. I was only asleep a short time, so how did I arrive to this place?”

“Well for one, the constellations appear far different than what we are used to, but the composition of the atmosphere is similar to that of Earth.”

“Interesting, still I don’t want to stay here long. Please prepare a teleportation circle to return to the dungeon manor.”

“Um, it might take a while to do so due to the fact that we are in an unknown location. The calculations required are quite complex.”

“Oh, how long should it take?”

“I expect it to be about 48 hours, turning off all unnecessary functions to reroute power for the calculations.”

“Lena, Lena! Dammit at least ask for approval first!”

Here I was, sitting in my bathtub alone in the middle of a desert.

“I guess I should put some clothes one. Can I make my own? Let’s see….”

I focused on the memory of the clothes I would usually wear, then used my Material Creation.

“Ha, this ability is quite useful since I can even make my own clothes now.”

All dressed up, I decided to a explore a bit, but despite walking for hours I saw nothing but an endless desert.

“Where is this place and why was I sent here? Could it have been those Olympian or Egyptian Gods? That shouldn’t be the case since we just came to an agreement. Then a third party? If they meant me harm, they could probably have done much worse. Just what is the meaning behind this? Also why is it the exact same place as the hologram which Lena was projecting?”

Dozens of thoughts were racing through my mind, but I couldn’t arrive at any conclusion, until finally dawn had arrived.

“What? There are two suns…?”

In the horizon there were two suns climbing into the sky. It was like when you fried an egg and realized it had two yolks. Soaring into the heavens, the first was red, but the second was a blue sun and was twice as bright.

“A desert with two suns, Is this heat the reason that there is no life on this planet?”

I still had no idea as to why I had been brought here, so I was becoming ever more curious about the area.

“Well, I still have about 40 hours until I can leave, why don’t we explore a bit more?”

I ran for about four hours straight, but the desert hadn’t changed in the slightest.

“Is it truly and endless desert? I think I’ve travelled more than 1,000 km… cough** cough***”

I can just run into to a sandstorm with winds upwards of 200~300 km/h.

“Ugh, I have sand in my mouth. Now i’m thirsty.”

I look around once more, but seeing nothing but desert, I choose to create my own water.

“Hey… is that something over there on the horizon?”

I knew it might be a mirage, but I had little else to do so I chose to check it out. I ran for another four hours towards the supposed mirage, but the distance never seems to shorten.

“Damn, so it really was a mirage in the end? It must be since the distance never seemed to change.”

Stubbornly I chose to continue, and after another three hours of travel I came upon a set of enormous stones, shaped to look like an arched gate.

“So it wasn’t a mirage… but are they just regular stones?”

Frustrated, I sat down on the desert sand.

“Shit… my stomach is grumbling and my throat is parched. Sure I can make my own water, but without Lena’s guidance I can’t yet create food. Although I’m now a God and won’t die of hunger, my stomach would grumble just the same as when I was a mortal!”

Lying down on the sand, I materialize myself some water to drink.

“Damn, I don’t want to be stuck here, I’m hungry and tired!”

Also the temperatures were quite extreme in the desert. As one would expect, during the day, especially with two suns it would be quite quite hot, but as the night went down the temperature would drop to surprisingly cold levels.

Brrrr! Should I make myself a bonfire?”

Trembling in the sand, I decide to create myself some timber to burn and warm myself by the fire.

“Ah, this feels great.”

I poured some methanol on the fire which I had just started up.


“Ah~ feels good to be warm. It would also be nice to have ourselves a barbecue.”

I spoke to myself as I rubbed my hand and kept them close to the fire.


“What was that sound?”

It was sounded quite familiar, like that of the Tomb Rat which was the first monster I had hunted when I crossed over. Turning my head, I found the owner of the sound.


I screamed in surprise.

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