Chapter 126

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After a long period of reflection, I opened my eyes and asked Evelysla.

“When will Abaddon appear?”

“In four days time.”

“Four days? So after three Sunrises and Sunsets?”


“Shit! Tell everyone to back off 100 meters!”


She jumped up to it and her short little legs shuffled away as she herded her people away form the gate.

“Material Creation!”

I hurriedly recreated all the necessary parts right there and then on the desert sand.

“Hmm… it was a bit rushed.”

After about 12 hours I had finished assembling all the parts and my Hyper-Extinction gun had once again seen the light, pointing directly at the arched gate.

“Let’s see if I can create that one as well.”

“Material Creation!”

A large hammer appeared in my hand.

“It’s a bit crude, but it should do the trick. Evelysla, bring forth your strongest clansman.”

“Got it!”

Shortly after she led a rather large ratman out of the crowd and brought him before me.

“Hmm… seems about right, he indeed looks quite sturdy.”

“Odin is the strongest of us all!”

‘Odin is it… could it just be a coincidence that they have the same name?’

“Here, take this.”

I handed him the hammer, and as soon as he picked it up he seemed to become excited, unti….


A lightning bolt fell from the sky and struck the hammer.

Squeak! Squeak!

Odin was terrified and dropped the hammer, while Evelysla placed her hands on her ears and flattened herself against the sand.

“Well at least it seems to be working fine.”

The ratman Odin proved that he was quite brave as he picked the hammer back up once more and bowed towards me cordially.

“You are quite well mannered, I will give this to you.”

“No way, I can’t accept such a divine weapon.”

“In order to summon me your people had to pay a terrible price, you can think of this as some small compensation.”

“Yes… thank you” Evelysla translated my words to the ratman Odin and he once again gave a deep bow.

“It’s a fair price so you can pick yourself up with dignity,” said Evelysla, but he continued to prostrate himself before me with his face in the sand.

“Ah… well that’s that, Evelysla come with me.”


I brought her to the control seat of the large gun and hoisted her up her up onto it.

“What is it?”

“Here is where you sit to control the gun. You press this button to shoot, and after a 10 second delay, the projectile will be fired. Also it can only be fired three times. If it passes that threshold it will likely overheat and explode so make sure to make those three shots count.”

“Will this be enough to stop him?”

“I can’t answer that for you, but I’ve done all I can. With that hammer and this gun, you should be able to find a way. I’ve supported you to the best of my abilities, so I’ll be on my way now.”

“Thank you God! We will do our best, so you can go back without worrying about the sacrifice involved.”

“No, I won’t be going through with that, the price is far too high. You just need to use what I gave you and fight off this Abaddon character to save the universe. Oh and when you fire the gun, immediately press this yellow button over here which will create a shield around the gate. Make sure not to forget to create the shield or else you’d be caught in the blast zone.


“Good, then don’t follow me from now on, okay?”

She nodded back and then prostrated herself on the ground.

“I’m going now,” I said as I turned around and walked out into the desert.

“Dammit! I’ve done all I can so I really need to stop feeling guilty about it!”

I was once again surrounded by endless desert, with nothing in sight after half a day of walking and trying not to look back.

“This should be far enough right? Material Creation!”

I created myself a parasol and a small swimming pool, my own paradise within this unforgiving desert.

“Might as well relax here until Lena is done with her calculations.”

I cooled of for a little while, then climbed out and fashioned myself a simple bed under the parasol which I used to take a well deserved nap.

“Johra, Johra! Oh my God!”

I was awakened by Lena’s excited shouts just as the suns were setting and the cold crept in.

“So you’re back Lena… but next time don’t immerse yourself so much in your work to the exclusion of all else.”

“Sorry about that, I thought I’d be fine since there weren’t any signs of life nearby and saw that the calculations would be very difficult.”

“I see.”

“So… do you know where we are now?”

“Uhm… wasn’t that your job to find out?”

“ By studying the positioning of stars and movement of cosmic forces, I’ve realized that we’ve returned 20 billion years in the past, to when the universe is only 100,000 years old.”

“Are you serious… 20 billion years? Damn.”

I was expecting something like this after learning form Evelysla that this place had been the origin of life, but still never imagined we had gone back so far.

I looked up to see the stars in the night sky.

“Is this around the time that the constellations begin forming? They don’t look all that different from 20 billion years from now.”

“What do you mean? Being able to witness these young stars which will go on to become the cornerstones of the known universe, there are no words to express such joy.”

“Lena you sound quite human sometimes with the things you say.”

“Haha I am a well made AI”

“Anyway, did you manage to find a way to go back?”


“Where you not able to find anything out?”

“There was this one clue.”

“What clue?”

“It was the Ratmen who summoned you right?”


“They can then send you back.”

“That would be pointless though, in order to do that they would need to sacrifice 30,000 lives.”

“Have you forgotten that I’m the best at calculation and adjusting for time dilation. If I use Johra’s new magic stone it could replace their sacrifices.”

“Oh, then should I go back and see them?”

“Yes, but when you head back, instead of walking, create this.”

Lena projected some schematics before me.

“What is it?”

“It’s a small personal helicopter. The rotor blades on each side have enough force to allow you to hover above the ground and they can easily be manipulated to turn in any direction.”

“Sounds like fun, should I make it now?”

After about 30 minutes work, I climbed unto my very own futuristic hovercraft.

Buuu! Buuuu—-!

I was able to hover about 30 meters above ground, raising up a huge cloud of sand.

“What’s the direction?”

“I’ll project it directly to your cornea.”

“Thanks Lena.”

After about one hour I once again met up with the clan of ratmen.

I saw Evelysla notice my arrival and she hopped her way towards me.

“How Clumsy” I said to myself with a smile.

“I had a feeling that you wouldn’t dislike her.”

“What are you saying Lena… that I’m into rats?”

“You’re not at all convincing with that silly grin.”


I promptly questioned Evelysla about  the summoning magic.

“Although the magic circle has disappeared, I should be able to reproduce it form memory.”

“Oh, then can you set it up at our very feet?”

Evelysla then proceeded to draw a large, 10 meter array.


“You have no idea, with this we can adjust for any time dilation. Afterall, any mistake would mean that we miss our target date by billion of years. Incredible that so much information can be compressed into a 2D array, this by far outpaces any data compression methods we have.”

“Lena, focus.”


“God, who is it that you are talking to?”

“My assistant.”

She wasn’t able to hear Lena’s voice since she only spoke to me through vibration in my jaw bones.

After about 10 hours of analysis, Lena shouted out.

“Eureka! I should be able to replicate the design and incorporate it into a 3D array which would make use of your magic stones. However it isn’t possible to account for all kinds of radiation.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just that in the construction, perfection can’t be achieved.

“So there might be some mistakes?”


“How big is the margin of error?”

“About 0.00001%.”

“And that translates two how much time?”

“More or less twenty years.”


I couldn’t help but groan, that would mean that in the worst case scenario I might arrive too late to save Valenor.

“If we return and don’t like the result, can we time travel once more?”

“That would be difficult since tearing the fabric of time and space affects the integrity of the entire universe. Doing it twice in a row would be pushing it.”

“I see, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now get it set up to launch, Lena.”

“Okay, I’ll need about 12 hours.”


There were still about 16 hours until Abaddon would make her appearance, so while we were cutting it a bit close, as soon as Lena had completed the array we could leave immediately, so it should be fine.

Of course that was just some wishful thinking on my part.

“Savior, the ability of that hammer you created is really impressive. With it Odin can create lighting, summon a thunderstorm or even disappear in a flash.”

“Oh, well it’s nothing special since I had already known it would perform that way. Where is Odin now?”

“He is currently travelling back to our village and returning with some necessary supplies for the upcoming battle. While he holds that godly weapon he is so powerful and quick that it seems that there is nothing he can’t do.”


I was secretly impressed with the abilities of Mjölnir which Odin had designed. It was even compatible with a regular Ratman, enabling him to wield a God’s power.

“Okay, then before I leave I’ll give you an even better weapon.”


“Ah don’t get too excited, it’ll just be so-so. I’ll be going now to focus on the production of the weapon.”

I ran away from her  while knocking myself in the head.

“Shit! Why was it that I suddenly made her such a promise? How could I possibly make something which exceeds Mjölnir?”

After wracking my brains for over three hours, I finally decided on attempting to recreate the most powerful weapon I had ever held.

“Material Creation!”

After successfully casting over 1,000 times, a large pearl white sword was finalized.

“So I’ve managed to make a replica of Excalibur.”

Excalibur itself was just like Mjölnir in that it acted as an amplifier of one’s power. However it was slightly superior to the hammer in that it had the ability to ignore all defense.


I gave it a test run as I chopped down in mid air. As it reached the ground, it disintegrated any sand it came into contact with.

“Hmm… this might be a bit too powerful.”

After a period of reflection, I decided to add a limiter to it.

“Was it like this that Odin added a limiter? No, since I’ll be giving them the sword forever essentially I should put a time limit on it. So changing this, and that… good, all done.”

I beckoned Evelysla who had been watching curiously from afar this whole time.

“Are you finished your work, Savior? Is that the sword? It looks awesome!”

“Ah… well it’s just a regular sword.”

“What is it called?”

“Excalibur, here take it.”

“I shall give it to the greatest swordsman in my clan, is that okay?”

“Sure, bring him over.”

“Oberon has great skill with a sword. True, he is also good with a bow, but his swordplay is exceptional.”

“Oberon? That name is familiar. Who knows, next you’ll be introducing people like Thor and Zeus, right?”

I said as I handed her Excalibur.

“How did you know the name of our clan elders? No wonder you are the all powerful Savior!”

“Ah… Wait…. This…can it truly be?”

I sank into deep thought.

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