Chapter 127

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The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall into place in my mind.

Sha and L, the first gods and creators of all life.

Any lifeform had the possibility to evolve. I had learned through my past experiences that gathering Divine Grace can lead to evolution, allowing a species to break free from certain genetic limits.

These ratmen before shared the same names as the High Gods some 20 billion years from now. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that they would indeed eventually become these fearsome powers. In fact, this was highly probable considering that they all shared the same names.

‘How troublesome… if my thinking is correct, then any action I take could influence the future.’

Like my creating Mjölnir or handing over Excalibur… wait.’

A strange thought had occurred to me.

‘What if I was the creator of those items all along. Could it be that I wa the one that handed Excalibur to the Fairy King?’

Until this point I had been completely convinced that Odin had been Mjölnir’s creator, but what if it had been me all along?

But this was all a bit problematic. I was only able to create Mjölnir because I had previously seen it, so who was its original creator?

‘What a strange contradiction, is it possible for me to at the same time be a forger and its original creator? Time has a funny way of playing tricks on you.’

Countless thoughts were racing through my mind as I attempted to extrapolate every possibility, until it was all a bit too much to handle.

Sigh~ I guess it’s possible.”

“What do you mean, Savior?”

“No, nothing I was just thinking out loud.”

“You seem to think things through quite extensively. It’s totally the opposite personality of Sha and L, they are impulsive and act first, then deal with the aftermath of their decisions.’”

“Well… I’ve had some unique life experiences which have made me so cautious.”

“I rather like this pensive personality of yours.”

“Why is that? Do you think I’m unlike a regular God due to my indecisiveness?”

Evelysla shook her head vigorously.

“I think that the fact that you understand the pain of us mortals, means that you will make this world a better place.”

“Do you truly believe that?”

‘It’s beyond belief, I will support you, always and forever.’

“Stop that, don’t  spray my face with too much gold.” (TL: Korean expression which means to shower with praise.)

“What is this thing called gold?”

Evelysla asked while staring at me curiously.

“It is a bright and shiny yellow metal which can be dug from the ground and is quite rare and expensive. If one were to put gold on someone’s face it would become quite shiny, so putting too much gold on one’s face is like excessive flattery.”

“Oh, so this gold thing is precious?”

I groaned inwardly. By introducing gold in that manner, I had let my biases affect how gold would be perceived for eons to come.

‘I really need to be more careful… it’s far too easy to affect the future right now.’

It was then that I vowed to never again play with the dangers of time.

Chiiiizzzzzzi Biuuuuuu Paat

Out of nowhere the magic circle around the arched stone gate began to shine brilliantly.

“Could it be?”

‘No way! Is she arriving already? She’s too early!’

Evelysla ran to position herself behind the Hyper-Extinction gun while the rest of the ratmen prepared themselves for battle, facing the Doomsday Gate. I went and stand near Evelysla.

“Can’t we just blow of the stone gate?”

‘Sha said that it acts more of a marker and that destroying the gate wouldn’t delay her return.’

“I guess it would be too simple of a solution.”

The magic circle had started of with a faint glow, but as time passed more complex patterns began lighting up.

“Isn’t there any way to stop the process?”

“It is said that Abaddon’s magical prowess is beyond that of Sha and L, so there is no one who can stop her.”

“So her magic is superior… just how is this Abaddon fellow so powerful?”

“Sha said that in the whole universe, she is the most beautiful, powerful and deadly being.”

“What, why aren’t some of those contradictory?”

“I think Abaddon inherited both Sha and L’s good and bad parts.”

“It seems that according to this Sha and L are also quite problematic.”

Heehee… I probably shouldn’t inform Sha and L that you said that. No, if it’s them they probably already know about it.”

“How could they know?”

“L has the ability to see and hear things, regardless of distance If he so chooses.”

“Oh, that’s truly creepy.”

“You think so? Anyway they are excellent Gods.”

“That isn’t really my concern though, I’m more worried about the fact that Abaddon has returned before I could transfer out.”

I began running some calculations in my mind.

‘If Abaddon’s strength is enough to receive the acknowledgement form Sha and L then these ratmen alone don’t have the required strength to defeat her, regardless of the gifts I’ve given them. If I were to leave them for dead, wouldn’t the future be severely impacted? Still, what if me staying behind and successfully stopping Abaddon is what changed the flow of time, perhaps just the fact that I was summoned back here had already had too big of an impact. When I return to the future it could have already changed dramatically. Across a time shift of 20 billion years, due to the butterfly effect, any minute change could result in drastic consequences. Just what is the right choice?’

After overthinking things for so long, I shook my head in an attempt to clear my thoughts.

“Why did you do that?”

“I have too much on my mind right now.”

“Are you worried for my people, you don’t need to do that, you’ve done enough. You have your own life to return to, so you can go knowing that we will fight to the best of our abilities. As long as you remember our sacrifice, that’s enough.”

Our species were different, but the resolute look in her eyes was able to move me.

“Yes, since I don’t know what would happen in either case, I’ll simply follow my heart.”


“Here! The progress on the calculations is at 80%.”

“Ok, good, now leave it running as a secondary task.”


“Did you not hear me? Don’t allocate more than 3% of your processing power to it.”

“Understood! But in that case it would take more that a week to complete.”

“I’m aware.”

“So you’ve chosen to fight?”

“Yes, let’s brainstorm to find a way to stop an enemy which is the most proficient in magic. Give me any solutions you can think of.”

Ever since that Doomsday Gate was lit, I was hard at work with preparations. Along with Lena’s help I created a wide variety of traps combining the Rohim’s Shield and and complex 3D magic arrays which would stop time itself. In that short amount of time, Lena and I had completely exhausted our knowledge and pulled out all the stops.

“Ha… so this is what we can achieve if we go all out?”

“Great Savior! What are those things?”

I had instructed the ratmen to back off 200 meters while I worked on the traps, but Evelysla had shadowed me the entire time, curious as to what I was doing. She would even help me sometimes by wiping this sweat off my brow. This rat girl was beginning to look cuter and cuter by the second.

‘I have to stop thinking like that, she’s a rat!’

I tried to change my thinking, but the mind worked in mysterious ways and it isn’t easy to influence one’s own thoughts.


Finally the magic circle had been completed and space cracks began to appear within in it.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A large number of creatures appeared from the bright light, followed by a booming telepathic message.

‘Are there those that dare block my way!’

The message rang imposingly through the minds of the ratmen, immediately bringing them to their knees.

An enormous entity appeared in a blinding red light. It was so bright that I had difficulty seeing the creature properly.

“Ho ho, are these the life forms which Sha and L created?”

It was a voice which I was more than familiar with.

“What? Could it really be….”

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