Chapter 128

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“Lilinor! What are you doing over here?”

The dragon which I suspected to be Lilinor turned its head towards me inquisitively.

“Lilinor? Never heard that name. Are these crude traps your doing? They couldn’t possibly be the work of these ratmen.”

The dragon known as Abaddon crushed the traps before her with a swish of her tail.

‘Hmm, although she looks similar to Lilinor, she’s much stronger.’

“Evelysla, shoot!”

“Got it!”


As soon as she pressed the trigger, a light began to form at the end of the gun.

“Everyone close your eyes!”


Spppat, Quaaaaa

In the next moment, the Hyper-Extinction gun fired and hit Abaddon’s group.


I’ve set up our strongest shields, the aftershocks should en in 30 seconds, 29… done!

After a short time all light disappeared and only a pitch black sphere remained floating in mid-air.

“What is that?”

“Perhaps it’s an ensemble of miniature black holes which have surpassed a critical mass.”

Lena did her best to explain the situation, but it was at best just a theory.

“Well I’ve got a bad feeling about this, get ready to hit them once more, Evelysla!”


The Extinction gun fired once more.

“We’ve created another crater.”

When the dust resulting from the second shot cleared, a shadow began to form.

“Was it not effective?”


A claw emerged from the black sphere, followed by the rest of the dragon Abaddon’s body.

“Oh, this is much more interesting than I expected! Should I change my mind? No wonder Sha and L summoned you here. HAHAHA!”

Abaddon booming laughter assaulted our ears.

“Ugh… this guy is really noisy.”

As I was grumbling to myself, two lightning fast shadows made their way towards the imposing dragon.

Zzzhaa, Quaaaaaa! Phaazz

Odin’s Mjölnir  and Oberon’s Excalibur both left a mark on dragon claw.

“Even these weapons are exceptional, is it also your work?”

Abaddon asked me with a relaxed smile.

“Don’t get too comfortable! Lena, hit it!”


The spacetime trap which I had hidden amongst the others was instantly activated. Even if he had a monstrous magic ability, it wouldn’t be effective when caught inside this array, so I felt I had finally achieved something.

‘Oh, have you confined me to a trap based on time?’

Abaddon’s body which remained frozen inside the array, was able to communicate with me telepathically.

“Damn, so it doesn’t fully restrict him.”

I couldn’t help but let out a groan as I witnessed him rolling his eyes in a mocking expression.

‘Well I’ll admit that you were able to restrict me somewhat, but my servants have already passed through into this universe, so my end goal will be achieved.’

“Your minions, what about them?”

I pointed to the dragon-like creatures which had been trapped in mid-air.

“Are you saying that you prepared more than one of these traps?”

“Naturally since I knew that you wouldn’t be coming alone, I kept some hidden cards.”

‘Kukuku… you indeed prepared thoroughly, but there is one thing that you overlooked.’

“What’s that?”

“The time period that this trap can hold me is quite short.”

“True, but the time it take to set up a new trap around you is shorter than the time it takes you to break out, so I can do this indefinitely. Lena?”

“On it!”

“I raised my hand and created a magic stone out of thin air. Then, along with Lena’s assistance I set up a new trap to go off as soon as the other expired.

“What do you think? It took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to set up, but how long does it take you to break free?”

“Dammit! You’re cheating!”

I shook my head and responded with a silly expression.

“In war there is no right and wrong, only the victors.”

“I now know why Sha and L summoned you here, you’re my natural nemesis.”

“Natural nemesis?”

“A person who can wield a wide array of skills can occasionally suppress a user like myself who focuses on only the most powerful magic like myself. They must have called you back form the future.”

“Was it like that? In fact it wasn’t even my original intention to interfere. I just couldn’t bear to see you bully a young lady like her.”

I said as I stroked Evelysla’s head.

The next second Abaddon’s expression changed into a mischievous smile.

“Well have you had fun with this little game of yours?”

She suddenly reappeared outside of the array.


“One’s eyes are easily deceived, I simply showed you want you wished to see. Did you enjoy the show?”

Abaddon huge body flicker with unmatched speed until her jaws appeared just 3 meters before me.

“Damn you Abaddon!”

I hid Evelysla behind me and stood up proudly.

Shwaaa Quaaaa

“I allowed it you to harm me once, but there won’t be a second time!”

Abaddon swatted Odin and Oberon away like flies.

“You are interesting though, at first I planned on destroying the universe, but if there is an fascinating guy like you around it might be worth sparing. Perhaps I can enjoy the show a little longer.”

Dozens of thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to find a solution. It seemed to be willing to put off the destruction of the entire universe on a mere whim, then why not up the stakes and make it truly interesting.

“Abaddon, is the destruction of the universe just a game to you?”

I asked in a reproachful tone.

“Right, this space created by Sha and L is irksome and their lifeforms are boring so I was going to erase it.”

“Why is that, are you jealous of Sha and L?”

“Ha ha ha! Me! Jealous of them? Ha ha ha!”

“Aren’t Sha and L stronger than you?”

“They’re stronger than me? Ha ha ha! Where are they then? I’ve just returned but the’ve fled with their tail between their legs. They’re afraid of me.”

“Why would they be afraid of you, aren’t they your parents?”

“What… my parents?”

Abaddon stared at me dangerously.

“Is that not the case?”

I asked, carefully testing the waters.

“My parents were the most powerful beings in all the universes, Omniscience and Omnipotence. Those twisted Sha and L attempted to steal their powers but failed to make it their own and in the end I inherited it. Ha ha… Sha and L being my parents, what a joke!”

Her angry laughter was so loud it threatened to burst my eardrums.

“Okay, okay, lower your voice I’m willing to hear your version of the story, Abaddon.”

“Why would I care about that when I’ll soon be destroying this entire place?”

“Because before you do I’ll show you something interesting.”

“What could you possibly amuse me with, I who has inherited such almighty powers?”

I stared at him directly in the eyes.

“Quit your lies, you are neither as omniscient nor omnipotent as you might claim to be, else I wouldn’t be able to stand against you.”

Abaddon peered at me with great interest.

“Okay, for argument’s sake let’s agree that what you said is true. I can still easily destroy this entire universe, doesn’t that mean that I’m all powerful?”

I shook my head.

“If you were truly the Almighty then you’d be able to create something larger and better than all this. To destroy is easy, but to create is far more difficult.”

“Ho ho… that’s quite interesting, then why is it that you think that I can’t create new things?”

I squirmed in delight, knowing I had him hooked.

“Just wait a moment, Material Creation!”

After a few dozen times I’d made a large rectangular board.

“What are you doing?”

“Just wait a bit, I’m not done yet.”

Evelysla and the ratmen held their breaths nervously as they watched me work. Meanwhile Abaddon peered towards me, half suspicious and the other half curious.


“What is that supposed to be?”

I looked towards Abaddon imposingly.

“A tool to prove that you are not omniscient and omnipotence!”

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