Chapter 132

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“Good, now it’s time to get back at those who made me suffer. Material Creation! Material Creation!”

I created a vacuum tube and filled it with positrons.

“I’ll throw this at the planet, so if you don’t show your faces things won’t end well.”

I tossed the fragile tube toward the ground. As soon as the vial is broken, the energy contained in the positron would be enough to wipe out the entire planet.

“Dammit! Just what are you trying to pull, Johra?”

The next second two people appeared before me.

“Sha and L, I presume?


L, a blond handsome man had caught the vial at the very last second, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Sha, who had black hair and tanned skin looked back at me.

“That’s right right Johra, but why would you pull such a stunt?”

“Was it you guys who summoned me?”


“Just why is that? There are plenty of Gods better than I.”

“Ha, you don’t remember do you? Well in truth I would have also forgotten were it not for Sha’s reminder.”


“Remember what? And actually why is it that you are speaking to me so politely?”

“You are the one that created us.”

“What did you just say?”

I was left completely speechless.

In the past few days I had finally come to grips with all this universe and time space stuff, and now out of nowhere I learned that I was the creator of the mighty Sha and L

“Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”

“Don’t you remember anything?”

“Of course not! I don’t remember anything about you! Are there now even more secrets which I’m not aware of?”

I stared at Sha accusingly, but she shook her head.


“Well, what should I say, I guess I could start with the fact that Abaddon and us were originally one being.”


“What did Abaddon tell you? That it was her father that created the universes?”

“Something like….”

“She was lying.”

“Really? That’s funny because she had said the same thing about you two.”

L stopped speaking as he gnashed his teeth in frustration.

“Sha had only roughly explained the situation to Evelysla.  Abaddon and us were originally one, and we were known as Alpha. Abaddon is the Omega which was once a part of Alpha.

“Alpha? Omega?”

“Every universe has a beginning and an end. The first is phase is known as the Alpha and the last as the Omega. When Omega was in the process of ending the universe, you appeared and stopped it in its tracks.”

“Wha… me? I don’t remember”


“Of course you can’t. The time that you interfered is 20 billion years in your future.”

“20 billion years? The future me?”

L shook his head.

Not the place you just came from, but an even more future you. The time when the universe was about to switch between Alpha and Omega is when you interfered.”

“Me? How?”

I asked curiously.

“You were the one who seperated Omega from us Alpha, you’re the reason that Abaddon exists.

“Why would I do that?”

To keep the universe functioning in perpetuity. I represent Infinity and Sha is the phase of Eternity.”

“What is a phase?”

“A gap between time and space which results in the creation of Gods. The principles of Eternity and Infinity are crucial building blocks of the space time continuum.”

“I’m not sure what it is you’re talking about. So far all I’ve understood is that you guys and Abaddon were originally one and the creators of these universes, right?”


“And I separated you all in order for the universes not to be destroyed?”


“So it’s only natural for Abaddon to be hell bent on the destruction of the universes, since this is her existential purpose right?”

“Yes. If we were to face each other, she would immediately absorb us which would result in her becoming the Omega once more.”

“So what happened to the future me, why was I summoned here?”

“After separating us you disappeared completely.”


“Also before leaving you asked us to do you this favor of summoning you.”

“Ah, so it was something the future me wanted to happen?”


“So, I separated Alpha and Omega to prevent the end of the universes in 40 billion years from now, and then left the mess it created to the past me to deal with?”

They both nodded back to me.

‘It seems like I’ve been causing a mess wherever I go, even if I can’t remember it.’

“If you wouldn’t have split eternity and infinity, we would have all been buried along with the end of universe.”

“Actually I don’t care. Does it even matter if the universe ends in 40 billion?”

I was getting fed up with this whole situation and was ready to turn my back on saving the universe.

“Usually after a 40 billion year cycle of complete thermal equilibrium, a chain reaction is set in motion to begin the universe’s reincarnation. However, since you tampered too much with the space time continuum, it resulted in a great catastrophe.”

“Ah~ so it was my fault once again.”

I let in out in resignation.

“Right, that future you told us that the reason the universe was going to end was due to a certain promise.”


“Yes, all you had told us was that it had been a promise made in a dream.”

“I have no idea what that might mean.”

Naturally I had an inkling, but I didn’t want to reveal the truth.

“Ok, but now it’s time for you to go into the future. If you stay here any longer then you will only bring further harm to the universes stability.

Sha moved her lips but no sound came out. I pointed towards her questioningly.

“Why is she moving her mouth like that?”

“We are twins, so she is speaking in a way that only I can hear.”

“Are you two really twins?”

“Yes, although with different personalities and temperaments.”

Sha and L  then proceeded to bow down to me.

“Thank you for helping us out once again, past sir Johra.”

“If I had to be honest I still don’t know what you are talking about, but I guess I should get going into the future right?”

“Yes, Sha will help you with the magic array.”

She arrived beside me and as she waved her arms, bright spherical and cubic patterns appeared in complex formations.

“Johra her ability is remarkable. The material she is using for the array is lighter than air, but it’s stability surpasses anything we’ve achieved. Also she seems to chain several Material Creations….”

I proceed to simply ignore Lena’s praise and asked.

“Will we meet again next time?”

“Of course.”

“Then at that time, be sure to tell me about my future in more details.”

“Sha nodded her head and then looked towards L.

“Then see you in 6.62 billion years.”


As soon a L activated the magic array, I was sucked into a deep darkness.

“This should be fun.”

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