Chapter 133

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TL Summary:

In the past chapters I’ve mistranslated the time. The years are in the Billion and not Million.

“Jora? Sir Johra?”


As if waking up from a deep slumber, I felt someone shaking me awake.

“I’m glad you’ve arrived, Johra.”

A huge titan appeared before me holding me up on his palm to see a gorgeous sunset.

I was momentarily stunned by the breathtaking scene, before turning back and asking the titan.

“Who are you?”

“I’m L’s faithful servant, Killion.”

“Oh, so you’re Killion….”

I was shocked to find that I was currently in the palm of one of the last four Metatron followers.

“Have you heard of me?”

I looked carefully towards the titan name Killion.

“Johra, it seems that he differs in many ways from how the ancient texts described Killion.”

Lena advice arrived promptly. Naturally he wasn’t able to hear her speaking since she did it through my bone conduction.

“Ah, perhaps I was mistaken. Was it L who sent you? Where is he now?”

“Elder L is in hiding.”


“Yes, since you were missing and now Metatron appeared….”

“What? Metatron has appeared?”

“Right, it happened 100 million years ago, ever since that time he’s been fighting Skyfather.”

“Fighting Skyfather? Why?”

“Something about wanting to get Abaddon back. Anyways this place isn’t safe right now since their fleet will soon meet in battle nearby.”

“Fleets? What do you mean?”

“Ah… I’d like to take the time to explain it to you properly but we don’t have that luxury. Please come with me immediately.”

“Okay then…since it’s too risky here.”

A bright light which enveloped the both of us was cast from Killion hands.

“What is that light?”

“A particle transmitter.”


Shortly after we appeared in a large hall made out of pristine marble.

As Killion walked through the air while still holding me in his palm, I noticed a bunch of UI popping up around us. They gave information on the surrounding stars as well as the layout of the numerous ships, all in 3D.

“That’s a great interface, there’s a lot I can learn from this.”

Lena’s curiosity had been piqued by this superior technology.

“We’re out of the danger zone. Enable autopilot.”


As soon as Killion gave the command the UI highlighted the most suitable path, for what I assumed to be the massive ship we were currently in.

“Forgive my prior rudeness.”

Killion exclaimed as he set me down gently on the ground.

“Not at all, if anything it is I who should thank you for coming to meet me and following L’s instructions to the letter.”

“It is only natural, I’m a creature created by L for the purpose of serving you, Johra. The meaning of my very existence is to assist you in solving the dangers of this universe.”

“Um.. I think I might have misheard. Did you just say solving dangers?”

“Oh, were you not aware? The elder said that as soon as Johra arrived then all would be alright.”

“I’m not sure what it was that L told you, but he must have been wrong. I’m not here to solve any dangers, this is just a short stop before I return to my own time period.”

Killion stayed deep in thought for a while before responding.

“Oh right, L told me to tell you that if you don’t stop this fight between Metatron and Skyfather, your future will no longer exist.”


“Sha’s predictions had been wrong. Something to do with the space time continuum being altered. Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what it means either..”

“Johra, perhaps the the small actions you’ve taken have already had an influence on the future. If it is as L said and Metatron and Skyfather keep on fighting, then its natural for the future we know to disappear as well.”

Lena explained her understanding of the situation.

‘Shit! I don’t want to get involved in a fight between those two monsters. Why can’t I just peacefully return back to my own time period?’

“Skyather’s fleet has just made contact with Metatron’s. It will mark the official start of the 10th universe war.”

Killion explained and I knew that I had to do something.

“10th war? So this isn’t the first time? Just how many people are involved in this war?”

“In the past nine wars all planets which had more than 10 thousand inhabitants were wiped out.  We’ve been fighting almost nonstop and to date the death count of these wars is in the billions..”

“What do you mean by nonstop?”

“Pretty much ever since Metatron appeared.”

“So you’ve been at war for about 100 million years simply because of some wacky subordinate of Abaddon?”

“Perhaps it is just the way of the Gods to wage war. The universe is simply a battleground for the immortals and the strongest among them fight wars to amass more power. The very purpose of life across the universe is likewise for war. There are tens of millions of life forms which were created for this very purpose and all the resources of the universe are being sucked up to support this war between these two sides.

“I see… so whether it is the 1st war or the 10th, it doesn’t really make much of a difference for you does it.”

“That’s right, despite Metatron being a very powerful god, he has no chance in winning against Skyfather and his followers. Although it is true that he also has Gods on his side, it seems he’s achieved this through some sort of brainwashing which is only effective on minor gods.”

“Brainwashing huh… and as I recall he also had a certain control over space time as well.”

“That’s right. In fact, so far as I know, the only reason he hasn’t been defeated yet is that he can escape safely every time.”

“Still Skyfather is pretty amazing to have beaten him nine times.”

“Well, he hasn’t been able to finish things because at the very last minute Metatron has used his brainwashing ability.”

“What, then Skyfather has always had the upper hand?”

“Right,  but despite Skyfather having inherited supreme abilities from Abaddon, which means that no Gods can match him, not even Metatron. He still hasn’t been able to deliver the finishing blow because when Metatron uses his brainwashing ability he can turn the minor Gods following Skyfather against him, buying him enough time to escape with his ability over time.”

“Still, Skyfather is stronger than I expected.”

“Definitely the two strongest Gods right now are Skyfather and Metatron.”

“So did L not give any further instruction as to what I should do?”

“There was one thing, he mentioned that Metatron’s weakness was his emotions.”

“Emotions huh… L is quite clever.”

I clicked my tongue, it seemed that Metatron had always been obsessed with Abaddon.

It would also explain while he would rather escape than risk harming Skyfather.

“By the way Killion, before travelling I need to fix a certain paradox in the space time continuum. Is there any news about that?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot. Sha did say something reggarding that. She said that if you were to encounter the situation, you would understand it naturally.”

“That basically means that I need to figure it out myself. no?”

“L and Sha are not the benevolent type.”

Sigh* How annoying, and here I thought I could just travel immediately to my own future.”

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