Chapter 134

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“Killion,  I have a favor to ask of you.”

“I am Johra’s faithful servant.”

I felt a tinge of regret seeing him act so politely towards me.

“I know what will happen in the future.”

“I stand in awe at your great power, lord.”

“So basically I need you to remember what I’m about to tell you, and transmit it to Metatron.”

“So… is that truly my task?”

“Yes, it is indeed your fate.”

“Okay Johra, since it’s my destiny I have no choice but to accept it.”

“I felt quite sorry for him seeing the resolve on his face, but it was a necessary sacrifice to ensure the correct future.”

After about three hours of explanation, I had finished giving Killion my detailed instructions.

“That’s amazing, Johra.”

“Not really, it’s just a small cheat which someone like me who knows the future can employ.”


“Wait a minute, Lena, did you prepare the blueprints I asked of you?

“I’ll project it as a hologram.”

With it I was able to create the product.

“Here, use this Killion. It will be necessary in order to undertake you task.”

“Yes sir!”

Killion and I then spent the next 60 days in order for him to familiarize himself with it.

“I have to go meet Skyfather, do you have a spare ship I can use?”

“No need, you can take this one. I will simply use an escape pod.”

“Okay, I’ll pray for your success, Killion.”

“Thank you for your blessings, my lord.

“When we next meet, I’ll greet you warmly once again.”

“Just hearing that alone, I now feel complete.”

“No, rather it is because you are undertaking a worthy sacrifice.”

“Yes, then I shall leave first. It seems that when we next meet we might be on opposing sides.”

“Hm… it’ll come to pass, so there’s no reason to feel afraid.”

Killion bowed deeply before disappearing into streaks of light as he used the particle transmitter. In the distance his escape pod appeared and opened an FTL gate (faster than light) which it disappeared into.

“It seems like the dice have been cast. It was the most secure option to ensure the future.”

I spoke out loud as I stared out into the stars.

Making one sacrifice for the good of others. I had trouble justifying my actions. However, for an individual to have the courage to willingly sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others, one could only call that heroic. Nevertheless, form the viewpoint of that hero, it is still an unhappy life.

‘I have sacrificed so many things, and all for what?’

We had to kill in order to collect experience and evolve, often putting myself in life and death situations.

I had asked so many of those around me to sacrifice themselves for the sake of my friends and family who are closest to me.

From the perspective of natural selection, perhaps it was all normal. Still, I was now the God of Creation and I had to do what was necessary. Justice did not exist in nature. I no longer had to reflect on my own actions and should simply take the path of necessity.

I closed my eyes and came to that realization, undergoing a fundamental change in my very soul, before opening them up again.

“Lena, pilot the ship, I’m going to meet Skyfather.”


As the spaceship aligned its course, the constellations which could be seen on the UI holograms changed. Shortly after the FTL gate was opened and Lena began her countdown.

“3…2…1, successfully entered Hyperspace. According to my reading we will only exit in 3 hours, 27 minutes and 14 seconds.

“Wow, that’s pretty confusing.”

The FTL gate was a technology which spacetime unto itself, enabling travel which exceeded the speed of light.

The hyperspace which resulted from such actions projected images of all that has happened in my life

It was as if death was flashing before my eyes as I watched a movie of all my entire life. From the time spent as a high schooler which I could no longer remember, to falling down the manhole, my struggle to survive on this new world as an undead and the my fight with the angels. Everything was portrayed before me and I unknowingly began to shed tears.

“In retrospect I’ve lived a truly lonely life.”

For the next three hours I watched this pseudo-film of my life over and over again, until finally we had arrived.

“Entering normal space in 3…2…1. All equipment seems to be functioning properly, there are a large number of vessels in our proximity.”

“Ok, open up a line of communication and inform them of my name and intention to meet Skyfather.”


It took but a few moments before a hologram of Skyfather appeared before me.

“It’s been quite some time, Johra. So it seems you’ve returned.”

Seeing his smug face almost made me lose it. He had known all along when it was I would return.

“Skyfather you’ve become quite impudent, treating your creator in such a way.”

“Ah really? I don’t have such a strong impression of it since it was all a very long time ago. Somehow my so called Creator is now so much weaker than me that I can destroy you with but a single finger.

I wasn’t sure how I should respond to that, but I knew that I couldn’t show any weakness.

I could only gnash my teeth in anger and endure.

I knew that Skyfather had been fully aware off my return, but seeing as he didn’t make any effort to seet me out, it was clear that he didn’t have any good intentions.

In other words, Skyfather had now become my enemy despite the fact that I was the one who had built him.

This only fueled my determination as I replied to the hologram confidently.

“Yes, you’ve made a few mistakes but it’s normal since you are still young. I’ll clean up your mess since I know Metatron’s weakness.”

I noticed a complex expression fill his face.

His reaction was within my expectations since Metatron was his only rival.

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