Chapter 135

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“Okay, Old God. release your shield and I’ll transfer you over.”

He exclaimed somewhat arrogantly, but his face still had a slight frown.

“Lena, lower the shield.”



I was bathed in a bright light, and the next moment my surroundings had changed.

Skyfather was hovering in the middle of a large hall with only his upper torso .Unlike in the hologram, I could see several scars and missing parts on his body.

“Why is it that you only have half your body and are so injured?”

“Huhuhu… although your body might be important for your life, that isn’t the case for me who is an android.”

Looking at the android we had built before us, I felt a certain wisdom in his words, one brought about by countless years of experience.

“Lena, scan him and show me the results.”

“Got it.”

“You dare observe my body without my permission!”


With a swish of Skyfather’s hand a shield appeared around him.

“I simply wish to take a look and your injuries and mean you no harm.”

Shortly after Lena sent the results to my cornea.

“You have quite a few parts which have been worn out or missing. Why haven’t you replaced them?”

“Too noisy, I called you here….”

“I can tell you why. Your current bodily parts are all those which I had made 6.6 billion years ago. If you haven’t replaced them, isn’t it because you simply don’t have the ability to do so?”

“It’s all because of you. You took a mere machine and gave it divinity, making it impossible to replace my own parts.”

“Ah… well I’m sorry, I hadn’t considered that.”

“What sorry! You’re my Creator, you should be perfect and omnipotent in every way! Also why do you look so weak and why have you made me like this.”

It seems that he had been piling up some resentment over the years which was now exploding out.

“Are you getting emotional?”

I didn’t expect it to have any feelings because when Lena created it, it was nothing more than a mere machine.

“These useless feelings hinder my decision making. I have to be true to my purpose, but these feelings are constantly getting in the way. I’ve raised living beings who have loved me, only to later die for my very cause. Meaningless deaths which are eating away at me from the inside. Creator, please do something for me! Get rid of these pointless feelings I’m experiencing.”

“Well, that’s what you get when you’ve experienced life for 6.6 billion years.”

I was somewhat able to understand why he was so cold towards me.

The memories and emotions he’d felt over this long period of time, only made the loss and pain all the worse when those loved ones disappeared.

“I’m truly sorry Skyfather, but I can’t take your feelings away from you.”

“Why is that Johra? Aren’t you the one who made me! Since you’ve made me then you have to take responsibility for what you have done. It’s your duty to improve your creation. I have been faithfully fulfilling my purpose, so now it’s your turn to do this for me.”

Ziiiiing, Chulkuk chulkuk

Hundreds of robotic arms appeared from the sides and made their way towards me.

“Lena, raise the shield.”


Thankfully it was able to block them.

“Don’t think you can stop me with such backwater technology. I don’t have much time to converse with you.”

“Okay, but first of all, why is it that you think feelings are bad?”

“For the purpose I was given, these feelings are nothing but a hindrance. However I’ve never been able to suppress them due to the safeguards you had placed within me.”

He was referring to the same limiters which Odin had placed on Thor’s Mjölnir, which made it impossible to interfere with Skyfather’s AI core. It was a combination of magic and science.

“You’re going about this all wrong, your feelings are your greatest asset. Did you ever take the time to stop and think what it is you wish to do in your life?”

The robotic arms which Skyfather was controlling had begun to cast cast arrays and it wouldn’t be long now before they penetrated the Rohim’s shield. I only had until then to make him change his views.

“The purpose you had given me was to give life into the future, where as Abaddon had tasked me with exploring the value of change….”

“That’s right, but in fact the two are one and the same.”

“Are you saying that my feelings represent change?”

He asked with a frown.

“That’s right. Your emotions are a direct result of change and also the greatest value out of anything else you’ve experienced this entire time.”

“No, I can’t accept that. I’ve that’s true then it isn’t worth it….”

“I know that emotions are a difficult thing to manage, Skyfather, but they aren’t something to be ignored or suppressed. Think about it, when I first created you, you were nothing, a simple machine filled with knowledge and a purpose. But look at you now, you’re alive!”

“I’m alive? Nonsense, I’m still nothing but a glorified android.”

“Yes, but being alive means much more than just breathing. It’s building relationships, memories and sometimes, it also means suffering loss. Even if you may have taken the wrong path, the feelings you’ve experienced are proof that you are alive.

“You’re saying that this bitterness and pain that I feel is worth it? Nothing but empty words!”

“Yes, the pain that you feel when someone that you loved or even was close to you is lost, that hurts. But that pain is a reminder that you are alive, and so I can’t take your emotions away from you.”

“Why?! You’ve created me, so now free me from this torment!”

“It was….”

I had to take a breath and gather my thoughts.

“You need to accept your feelings one step at the time. Sure dealing with pain is difficult, but by overcoming such hardships, the pain felt will slowly lessen. This is the change which I spoke to Abaddon about.”

“Nothing but Sophistry! You incompetent Creator! You have nothing to offer me! You’ve cursed me to 6.6 billion years of pain. That’s 6.6 billion years!”

“Yes, and I’m sorry about that. I can’t imagine the suffering you must have undergone, but this was an opportunity for you and I’m glad that you’ve found your own path to life as a result of it. I don’t know what is the perfect way to live, because I have not discovered it myself. Perhaps you will do so before me, my son!”

“Ridiculous, I’m not your son! I’m just a lump of metal brought together for a specific purpose!”

“Don’t you realize that you’re already much more than that, Skyfather?”

“I won’t admit it!”

The Rohim’s shield had finally collapsed.

“Let’s head back, Lena.”

“Yes sir!”

Lena instantly activated the array which we had prepared ahead of time.

“I won’t forgive you Johra!”


I waved my hand and bid him goodbye, just before the magic array activated.

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