Chapter 136

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I stood at the base of Yggdrasil.

“A large number of creatures have developed around it.”

“The old desert of Eden was no more. In its place where thick and lush forests with tall canopies which blotted out the sun.”

“It’s changed a lot.”

These were the fruits of that seed I had planted 6.6 billion years ago. I felt moved, in awe of the power and tenacity of life.

“I wonder how much its grown.”

Was the first thought which came to mind as I walked up to the World Tree, looking up and being unable to fathom its height.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Hundreds of arrows landed before me as a telepathic warning appeared in my mind.

“What was that?”

“Elves… no, with those features I guess they’d be High Elves.”

‘Don’t come any closer, stranger! If you approach the Great Mother, then the next arrows will pierce your heart.’

“Annoying… Lena put up a shield.”

“On it.”

I ignored their warning and simply walked forward.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Ping!

Hundreds of arrows took flight, but the results were as expected. Those primitive arrows which would even have trouble piercing leather armor, didn’t even leave a dent on the shield.

‘Prepare to pay the price of ignoring our goodwill!’

They sent out telepathically as I noticed dozens of High Elves casting their magic.

“Oh, resorting to magic now is it? Fine, I’ve had enough of your impudence. Material Creation! Material Creation!”

I once again created a vacuum tube and filled it with a very small amount of positron.


“You are only planning to stun them, right Johra?”


“I’ve calculated the blast zone and projected it on your cornea. I’ll also activate the shield when the time comes, so please throw it whenever you are ready.”


After a far toss, the positrons which exploded in the distance resulted in an enormous shockwave. My shield was easily able to absorb it, but all the nearby Elves had been instantly knocked unconscious.

“All 314 of them have fainted. There have been no deaths and not even any serious injuries.”


I had finally arrived within an arms lengths of the tree trunk.


“By simply raising your arm, you can activate the master key.”


I was teleported to the core of the World Tree.

“Oh, this is pretty cool.”

“Of course, this is the result of our planning and its evolution over the past 6.6 billion years.”

I had mixed in parts of Lena when creating Yggdrasil. The nano parts we had left behind were based on what we knew of the Worlds Nectar, which helped shape its evolution during all these years.

The World Tree was a product of magic and engineering, but it could also be regarded as a supremely evolved version of Lena.

What would be the result of an evolution based A.I. with 6.6 billion years of experience.

“Welcome Creator Johra.”

A message rang throughout the room in a warm greeting.

“I’ve been in a bind, why is it that you haven’t reached out yet?

“Please call me Machina”

“You want to be referred to as a machine? You’ve already evolved far past that point.”

“Since I’m your creation, Machina will suffice.”

“Okay, but you won’t betray me in the same way Skyfather has, will you?”

“I’m faithful to my cause. Skyfather who is plagued with Abaddon’s divinity, he has however followed Johra’s command for the last 6,600,002,542 years, 11 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes and 21 seconds.”

“Hmm… Avadon’s divinity…then is yours a different one?”

“It is Johra’s divinity which had given me life, so I am dedicated to your cause.”

“And what do you believe to be my cause, Machina?”

“I’ve had a long time to examine it. Every cell of mine is infused with nano particles, and my body has grown to pierce through 134,424 different universes. Any information can be transmitted within me at speeds which exceeds light and I can think faster than any other living being. Through this analysis I’ve come to the conclusion that I exist for the sole purpose of supporting life to these universes.

“Ha ha ha, you’re right my child!”

“Thank you, Creator Johra.”

I was then briefed by Machina about what had happened over the years. It was 6.6 billion years worth of information, so it took 100 days before it could summarize everything.

“Well, I guess I know everything I need.”

“Will you be heading out?”

“Yes Machina, you’ve done well in your duties as a watcher while I’ve been away.”

“As you well know, my branches have spread to every universe. Most of the things which creatures refer to as magic is simply based on a system I have created. I can hand you the power to override all kinds of magic.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, you can use any spell you want, and you can also choose to negate any magic as well.”

“Wasn’t magic a product of elementary particles, I think Lena had explained it to me as such.”

“That is correct, but it is my network which controls the situation because I created it that way in every universe which I’ve spread myself to.”

“Hmm… it’s indeed true that everything within a universe is now under your influence.”

“That’s right.”

“Perhaps we can use it for more than just influencing though.“

“You can also monitor any situation at any given moment. My branches stretch out to every corner of all the universes, there isn’t any information which I don’t know about.”

“Great, but sometimes knowing too much can be a bad thing.”

I’ll remember that, Creator Johra.

You have done enough already, Lena, set up the array.”

“Got it!”

As Lena was hard at work with the array, I instructed Machina.

“Be ready to respond to my call at any time.”

“Yes, Creator Johra. Are you referring to the spare parts of Skyfather and the time travel machine?”

“Yes, those too, but first I’ll go and meet and old friend.

“We will stay in touch, Creator.”


The next moment the array had activated and my surroundings had changed.

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