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I appeared in the alley of a city which seemed to have been developed by a machine civilization.

“Is this the right place, Lena?”

“Yes, I’ll show the location on the map.


A mini map appeared, indicating the location of the person I wanted to meet.

As I walked out of the alley, I saw a street filled with flowers of great beauty, covered in its entirety by a large dome in the sky.

“Feels like we are in some Sci-Fi.”

I exclaimed after seeing the domed city. Although I had already known about it due to Machina’s report, seeing it first hand was an entirely different feeling.

The human race of this age had already proceeded into the cosmic era. Although it was a civilization which existed long before mine, It was strange to see that they were so much more advanced than Earth.

This very place is an artificial planet with large skyscrapers and a population of a billion people.

The planets name was Gehenna, and it was only medium sized and located in a rather remote area of space. There had already been more than one million artificially created planets built in outer space.

“Johra, the target is on the move.”

“Okay, I’ll hurry up.”

I sped up in order to quickly catch up.

“What’s going on, why is she moving so fast?”

“It appears the target has noticed the fact that Johra is following.”

“Hmm, using magic is risky so I’ll just outsmart her.”

The target had glanced behind expertly as she turned the corner.

“I’ll mark you her expected route and you can intercept her midway.”

“Okay, I guess I can delay catching her for a little while.”

I walked around the corner of another alley and lay in wait.

“Now Johra.”

“Caught you….”


I had just grabbed my target’s sleeve, but the next thing I knew my head was stuck in the ground.

“Hey… that’s a bit much no?”

After having thrown me, she had escaped without once looking back.

“Huh, it seems that she doesn’t like strangers.”

I stood up and patted the dust of my clothes.

“She’ll probably be heading towards her house, se we can just go there first and set an ambush.”


When I was about to finish making my preparations, I got word from Lena.

“Target’s home has been located, but it seems that she’s already left.”

“Great, shall we step inside?”


I stood before the front door while Lena hacked her way in.


“That’s pretty cool no?”

“Sure, but it’s still inferior to the Rohim’s technology.”

After unlocking his door, I stepped inside and began setting up the traps. After that was done, I headed to his kitchen and whipped myself up a meal.

“It seems that their diet isn’t so different from ours.”

I found the refrigerator and after fishing out some ingredients, began chopping them up with a knife.

“To celebrate our long awaited reunion, a home cooked meal would be best.”

An hour or so later the food was ready and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as there was movement by the door.

“Just in time, come on in!”

“You’re that guy from before. Why are you in my house?”

Chulkuk Chulkuk

The trap which I had previously constructed was sprung, and restrained her in a very thorough fashion. She struggled and foamed at the mouth from the gag which had been inserted, but wasn’t able to escape.

“I call that thing the Redeemer. It’s a combination of both magic and science and isn’t at all easy to escape from. Perhaps if you had your original strength you could get out, but right now it’s impossible.”

I felt her eyes burning with hatred.

“Dont hate me too much, you might not have any memories of me but we go way back. Oh, the food is ready. Lena, bring her to the table.

“Will do!”

The trap named the Redeemer was essentially a steel sphere which fasted the prey’s limbs to each end. It also had the added bonus of being able to transport the target by rolling around.

“Good, now let’s eat first since the meat is ready and we wouldn’t want it to get cold.”

Although I didn’t know what kind of meat it was, I had sliced it into steaks and served it with a special sauce. We also had a vegetable salad to accompany the meal.

“I made this for us with deep care. Lena, please help her enjoy the meal.


A robotic arm emerged from his spheric prison and brought a piece of steak to her mouth.

“Oh right, we’d have to remove the gag. Okay, be sure not to make any loud noises now, alright?”

However it was clear by the look in her eyes that he wouldn’t comply.

“Lena prepare an array to cancel and sounds from escaping.”

“Will do.”

“Help! Help! A psychopath broke in! It’s an emergency!”

As soon as the gag was removed she began to cry out for help. I paid her no mind and focused on eating the steak before me, aware that her shouts would never go more than 2 meters at which point the array Lena had installed would stop the sound in its tracks.

“Stop wasting your energy and start eating. We have a lot to talk about.”

Finally, after a long period of shouting, she had given up.She seemed to have resigned herself to her fate.

“So your name is now Noren?”

“How do you know my name, are you a stalker?”

“Stalker huh? Well I guess that isn’t entirely wrong.”

“What is it that you want? Money? My authorization key is in my drawer beside my bed. If you take it you can have access to all my savings.

“Money? Have I ever needed that? Even if I did, I wouldn’t come take it from you.”

“So what then, my life?”

“Come on, I would never”


“Is it my body then?”

“Ha ha ha! You’re cracking me up, taking me for some kind of rapist.”

“Then just why have you done this to me!?”

I stared at her and spoke seriously.

“What is it that you remember, what is your oldest memory?”

“What… my memories? Why do you want to know that?”

Noren’s face showed that she was embarrassed.

“I was informed that you would periodically wipe out your own memory, is that so?”

“How do you….”

“Well, I’ve looked into you. Every 10 years you have your memory wiped.”


“Not answering is the same as acquiescing.”


Her expression was once again that of embarrassment.

“Do you not know how long you have been living for?”

“How can you possibly know that I can’t remember?”

“Well, It was my wish that you could live out your days in hiding, but it seems that someone has already been meddling, Why don’t you guys show yourselves!”


Before I could even finish, two beings with large gray wings materialized before me.

“Master Johra, why didn’t you tell us that you had arrived!”

“Dummies, how could you say that when you are the ones which were supposed to picked me up.”

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