Chapter 138

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“We didn’t know that you had already arrived.”

“What… that isn’t even a good lie. Your subordinate Killion was waiting to receive me, how could you not have known?”

Sha shook her head.

“Did Killion truly meet up with you? How strange, it was not yet time for you to arrive.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve arrived 1,000 years earlier than what was predicted.”

Sha then spoke with L in her unique fashion which didn’t produce any sound.

“Oh, so that’s what happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“Killion must have been waiting there for thousands of years in advance.”

“Then I arrived earlier than expected, why is that?”

“I hadn’t expected the time flux to have shifted due to your influence. Abaddon has also been influenced by such change, which is why she loses her memory from time to time.”

“Ah, so the alignment of the time flux is off… will this civilization suffer from my presence as well?”

“Yes. You put all of your knowledge into Skyfather, but after 6.6 billion years time too much has changed from your reality and the present. Also, can I release this?”

“Will Abaddon not resist?”

“It is okay. Abaddon’s memories were sealed a long time ago. Now she only knows herself as Norn.”

“Just who are you guys, and what are you doing in my house!”

L let Norn out of the Redemption prison and she was now trembling in the corner of her living room.

“By the way, how did you discover Norn’s location? Sha and I were surprised since even Metatron hasn’t found a clue regarding Abaddon’s whereabouts.”

“Well, I have my own secret method. Have you guys been protecting Norn’s identity this whole time?”

“Naturally, if Abaddon were to be resurrected then it would be quite troublesome for us. Still, I don’t think we can evade Metatron’s reach forever.”

Simply by looking at Norn I had fully grasped the current situation.

Skyfather was the vessel for Abaddon’s powers, so if he were to meet with Norn then the was a strong possibility that Abaddon would resurrect. Similarly, should Metatron find Norn’s whereabouts, he would go all out to ensure Abaddon’s resurrection. For this reason Sha and L had to hide Norn from Metatron.

“What are your plans now, Johra? Oh, is that steak? It looks delicious.”

“Uh… eat up, I prepared it for you guys.”

“Oh, it’s steak cooked by the strongest god in all the universes! Regardless of the taste, it’s unique!”

L rushed towards the dinner table and tore into the meat. Sha however sat gently at the table and with the fork and knife ate her steak following proper etiquette.

As I watched the two enjoy the meal, Norn however remained wary and hugging a pillow on the sofa; however it had to be said that seeing our bizarre actions, her fear had lessened to a certain extent.

“Norn, why don’t you come and eat as well.”

“Do you think I’d eat food served by a strange burglar?”

“Norn don’t speak about things you can’t possibly understand. You’d best come and eat this steak, such opportunities don’t come very often.”

L chastised Norn while steak sauce dripped from the corner of his mouth. However Norn simply shook her head.

“Why are you here? If it isn’t for money, then is there some kind of grudge between us? If that is the case then I can only apologize since I can’t recall anything.”

“It isn’t a grudge.”

Norn replied with a frown, “then why did you imprison me in that terrifying construct.”

“Isn’t that because you ran away from me?”

“It’s normal to flee when a stranger is pursuing you!”

Norn’s voice grew louder.

“But it was you who threw me to the ground.”

“Tha… that was just pure instinct! If I was rude I’ll apologize, but you were the one who grabbed my sleeve out of nowhere so I think you’re the one in the wrong.”

“Johra, did you really grab her sleeve?”

L asked with a mischievous face. They of course already knew all about the situation since they had been keeping watch over her, and were only trying to make me lose face.

“Shup up, I was thinking of way to strike up a conversation with her and it seemed like the easiest option.”

“It’s quite shameful to suddenly grab a woman’s sleeve in a dark alley!”

“Right, I think you should excuse yourself, Johra.”

“Oh, L you are mighty feisty today, as I remember you had a certain debt towards me….”

“Ah ha ha… did I? Anyways, I guess I’ll eat Norn’s steak as she doesn’t seem to want it.”

As I put L back into his place, Sha continued to eat peacefully.

“Anyways, so miss Norn, I came here to talk with you.”

I told her politely, but she remained reserved. Of course it was understandable since I was someone who had been waiting in her house in ambush.

“What business do you have with me? And after we are done talking will you leave me alone?

“Leaving… we are quite close after all.”

“Johra, Sha is able to restore her memory for a short period of time, do you think that would help?”

Sha paused her eating and nodded.

“Okay, then when you finish eating I’ll have to ask for that favor.”

“Sha nodded back and then went back to eating her steak.

“I can remember the memories I’ve lost?”

“Well, you lost a lot of memories, but at least Sha can help you to better understand the situation .”


“It would only be temporary though.”

“It’s enough, I want to know about my past and why it is my memory keeps being reset.

I could feel the pain in Norn’s eyes, perhaps she would hold a grudge after knowing the full story.

‘What if you were to learn that your current situation was of your own choosing. Living a life of lost memories through the past 6.6 billion years…. Would you still be okay with it I wonder?’

Shortly after Sha finished her meal and wiped her mouth clean. After that she walked towards Norn.

“You’re not going to do something strange like open my head, right?”

She asked with a nervous expression.

Without answering Sha simply stretch forth her arm and placed her hand on Norn’s forehead

“Aaaah! It hurts! Dammit! Just why am I like this? Have I truly been living such pathetic lives? Johra what have I done to deserve such treatment!”

Abaddon’s fiery personality had awakened and she was shouting in indignation after learning of all the suffering she had endured over the years.

“You’re fine Abaddon, just calm down.”

“Calm down my ass! Dammit!”

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