Chapter 142

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A dimensional space crack materialized before me and a white arm began to reach out form it.

Time itself had been slowed down to such a level that only 0.0001 seconds had passed.


As the crack began to widen, a transparent white, humanoid creature stepped out of it. Although this being moved quite slowly, it was much faster than everything happening around it.

Uriel’s Lance of Longinus had yet to advance a single centimeter as this white being took stock of the room.

The reason I could even see any movement was due to Lena’s spacetime trap.

Although my movements weren’t able to match the speed of my thoughts, with the trap I was at least conscious.

‘Hm, am I able to cast a spell in this moment? Freeze!’

I pushed my will towards the Sephiroth network.


According to my will, everything around me dropped to absolute zero, as it spread to this new arrival


However, with but a swish of its hand, my will was dispersed.

‘Ah, is that his Brainwashing ability? He’s managed to even confuse the Sephiroth network.’

Yes, the being that appeared from space was Metatron. His powers were space-time manipulation, as well as Mind control.

There was also one additional power, which Makina suspected to be some sort of magic copying ability.

Metatron quickly approached me and inspected me thoroughly. It was obvious that he was quite interested in a being which had for the first time managed to counterattack while under the influence of his time stop.

“Hmm… what are you? I don’t think it was Skyfather’s little toy over there that managed to attack me, so was it your doing?”

Metatron proceeded to touch and inspect my entire body.

Ugh! This guy is seriously putting me in a bad mood.’

As his cold hands touched me all over, he then proceed to tear one of my arms off.

“Hmm… not quite a human, not  a monster either, what a strange fellow.”

Metatron then brought his finger to my now severed arm and tasted my blood.

“How interesting, I’ll take this arm with me as a memento. Oh, by the way, have you seen any sign of Abbadon? It’s the first time in a while that I’ve gotten so close to her.”

Ignoring the incredible pain, I push my will to connect with the Sephiroth network.

‘Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate!’

All the particles in the room except for a certain area around Metatron were sped up, and I was able to wrest control of time from Metatron.

Cough! That bastard!”

Since our roles were now reversed, it was Metatron which was frozen stiff. Still, I learned the hard way that a God’s blood was golden as it gushed out from my severed shoulder.

Snatching my arm back from him, I placed it up against my shoulder and began to heal it back up. It had taken me quite a few painful seconds before I had managed to connect myself with the Sephiroth network.

Hmph!… once my arm is fully healed I’ll take care of this one. Lena, prepare some Magic Traps.


After first securting him in 10,000 layers of Magic Traps, I then proceed to cut up his body into different pieces and surrounded them with Rohim’s Shield. Despite having gone this far, I was confident that Metatron wouldn’t die, even if time flow were to be restored.

“Did you say that it was the head which cast all of the magic?”

“Right, according to Makina the rest of his body only served as an amplification device, where as the actual thought process and magic casting occured in the head. There were several instances where Skyfather wasn’t able to figure that out and suffered a loss because of it.

“Good, let’s take a break then and head to that secure area which Makina created.”

According to Makina’s suggestion, I split his body into six different pieces, each with their own set of magical restraints which made it impossible for them to recover. The head however had its own specialised restraints which blocked it from accessing magic.

Quaazzic Quazic

Less than a second had passed in the space surrounding Metatron. Still, now that regular time was restored, since the head couldn’t interact with any magic he had no way to escape his predicament.

“Okay, we’re finished here, Lena, activate the teleportation array.”



The six pieces of Metatron which had been successfully restrained were brought back to Makina’s secured space.

“Welcome back Johra! It seems you’ve successfully caught Metatron!”

I heard Makina’s bright voice upon arrival.

“Yes, thanks to your feedback I was able to easily secure him. I’ll now take just the head with me to the secure room.”

Leaving Makina behind with the rest of his body parts, I brought Metatron’s head with me into the room.

The secure room was a cubic space surrounded by thick black walls and guarded by millions of magic spells which blocked out any known forces.


I removed the gag which prevented him from speaking.

“How dare you do this to me! Do you think all this can hold me indefinitely!”

I stared emotionlessly at the head which I had placed on the table before me. He was unable to cast any spells despite being able to speak, so I knew how frustrating it must have been for him.

“Why, do you think you can escape from here?”

“Even if I can’t right now, as long as I live I’ll find a way to get my revenge!”

“Ah~ I know what you’re up to so don’t even think about it.”

“You bastard! Stop saying nonsense and just kill me already!”

“Oh, so I’m the bad guy now? Well there are two reasons why I won’t be killing you, the first is that you will simply be resurrected upon death. The second is that I know that you can copy the power of your killer.”

“How did you learn that?”

Metatron asked sheepishly, like a kid caught trying to steal from the cookie jar.

“Just some information I’ve acquired over 100 million years of analysis.”

“Are you one of Skyfather’s minions?”

I made an awkward expression as I explained the situation.

“Actually, Skyfather and I aren’t on the best of terms.”

I saw the fiery anger in Metatron’s eyes as he looks at me searchingly, attempting to uncover my identity.

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