Chapter 144

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“You are that trash left over from the birth of the universes.”

“Trash? Well that’s a bit harsh, no?”

“Abbadon once mentioned that there was a certain unforeseen error which prevented her perfect return.”

I wanted to immediately refute his words, but chose to first reflect in silence.

‘I guess this is a good chance to learn more about what Abbadon has said about me.’

“An error?”

“Yes, some unforeseen error which was a failure of the Almighty himself, but looking back I’d say it wasn’t so much an error as a piece of trash. Everything went wrong after your arrival, Abbadon lost her purpose and the Omega became corrupted.”

“Trash? Corrupted?”

“Because of you, I’ve lost Abbadon whom I worship and no longer have proper duties to perform.”

“You’re referring to the freedom you had to pursue anything you’d like, was that a bad thing? If you think this is corruption, I’m not sure I can follow your logic.”

“Abbadon was a pure being, the ultimate defender of purity in this universe, but you’re the one who corrupted her, you’re trash!”

“I see… but still isn’t it a bit too much to call me trash?”

“No, that’s exactly what you are. Some waste which has gathered near my pure Abbadon and corrupted her.”

“What purity, Metatron? What you refer to as purity is simply the endless recycling of the universe. Doesn’t this eternal repetition have no real meaning?”

“It represents a promise to return to its origins, to what’s pure and you, Ancient God, have ruined it all! Removing the Omega from Abbadon and splitting Sha and L, you are the enemy of all living beings!”

Metatron shouted at me, his eyes burning with hate. I held his stare as I contemplated the words he just said.

“I don’t know if that was done by the future me, but I’ve never taken such actions. My work now is simply on restoring the harmony in the universes which seems to currently be broken. Just look to the screen and have a look at my tireless work in restoring the harmony.”

“Don’t spout nonsense Ancient One, your very existence has deprived the universe of its rebirth. Time has now become an enemy of all the living.”

“That’s just a bunch of guesswork on your end. Actually, I don’t need to explain myself to you, but I guess I have some free time.”

“I’d like to see you come up with an excuse for this universal crime you’ve committed. I’ll point out your very mistakes and force you to see the error in your actions.”

“Hey, this is all just your opinion, I’ve never personally disrupted the harmony in the universe. I am simply a victim of fate which has led me down this path.”

“That’s where you are wrong, Ancient One. You destroyed the unity of the universe when you separated the Omega from Abbadon and split up Sha and L.

“Hey… that wasn’t my doing! It was the future me!”

“That’s where you are wrong, the present and future you are one and the same. The one who went back to the past, to the origins of the universe and the you who broke the harmony of this universe are the same person.”

“No, that isn’t true. I’m not the future me, would you believe me if I told you that in the future I won’t take the same actions?”

“That isn’t possible, you are destined to take the same path because the future has already been written in stone.”


“Unless the universe itself undergoes reduction and steps into a new cycle, your future will not change.”

“Hey… are you saying that my future self will return once again to the past?”

“Right, unless the harmony in the universe is perfectly restored, then the future can’t be changed, just like a arrow which had been shot can’t be taken back. As it stands, you are on a one way ticket to mirror your future actions and become the God of Destruction which has brought and end to the universes.”


I was confused and somewhat embarrassed by Metatron’s claims. I had long been burden by the actions of my future self, but rationalised it by telling myself that it was another person. Now, I learn that we are one and the same and that there isn’t anything I can do about it.

“I can’t put my faith in you, Ancient One. I have inherited my Space Time abilities from Abbadon, which is why I know where the universe is headed.”

“Then is your claim that I can’t change the future true?”

“Yes, regardless of your actions, the future has already been decided.”

“What if it isn’t the case?”

“I promise you that it is. If I turn out to be wrong then I will listen to any of your commands.”


“Ancient One, you have already made this promise with Sha, do you not remember?”


“You’ve locked away these memories and experiences, but because of my close connection with Sha I’m aware of the promise between the two. Sha is the Light and I’m the Darkness, to sides to the same coin.”

“Haven’t you noticed that L is the mirror image of Orthotron?”


“So the promise was about that….”

“Are you willing to go against your promise and fight your destiny by releasing me?”

After a moment of silence and reflection, I answered.

“Good, I’ll choose to believe in you, but I have one condition.”

“What is it?”

“I have a certain future which I know and want to return to, it’ll be your job to make sure that comes about. You will be ensuring a future occurs while I’ll be trying to change it, deal?”

Metatron stared me with his eyes wide in surprise, before answering.

“I believe we have an agreement.”


In this manner, the fate of the universe was now it its second act.

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