Chapter 145

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“I’m a bit worried about you.”

“It’s fine, I never expected to win outright anyways.”

I gave her a half hearted smile.

Metatron began healing before my very eyes.

I could see Metatron’s smile as his body was restored to its peak condition.

“Old God, you are cruel to create a magic spell which can suppress my abilities.”

“It isn’t that much of a handicap since you still have mind control and your Space Time abilities.”

“Fine, despite this not being a fair bet, I shall follow the course of history which you have provided me, but aside from that I will retain my free will.

“Good, then I shall accept this contract with you.”

“Yes, I will likewise see this promise of mine through to the end.”


Metatron disappeared in order to fulfill his scripted actions which were based of the mythology Lena handed over. It was basically a timeline for the next 13.3 billion years or so.

“Do I truly need to go to war now?”

“In this universe yes, but worry not there are far more universes than you can imagine. According to our calculation, there could have been a margin of error of one billion on Machina’s end.

“Well… sure in this universe, but we don’t know how many planets there are.

“Right, but there are so many worlds under Machina’s influence that the odds are on your side.”

“Okay, then just follow my plan”

“Then wouldn’t there be a risk of Johra’s existence disappearing?”

“No, I’ll return. That has already been set in stone.”

“I can’t understand why it is you make so many of these personal sacrifices in order to maintain that future of yours.”

“Perhaps one day you will also think the same way Lena. For now, begin the preparations.”


Lena along with Machina prepared a large magic array. It had an unprecedented size, boasting a 2 km diameter, looking like one of those giant satellites from the movies.

I was essentially broadcasting myself to all the existing universes and dimensions. In order to prevent the destruction of all the universes.

Why did I make this choice?

It was my chance to prove wrong Metatron’s accusations of me being nothing but trash.

I chose to become the force which would move these universes forward.

Of course, all this was only made possible due to the Sephiroth network which Machina had created. It acted like a TV network, as it diffused my intent across space. I was willing to remake the universe and fight against my very own destiny.


A large number of rings lit up around me.

“What’s going on Lena?”

“You can’t leave me behind since we are already one.”


“I’m still curious about the self-sacrifice you are committing, so I will continue to tag along.


“It’s fine. Although it may take some time, I’m confident the Johra will return, and you’ll also be able to receive Machina’s help.”

“Okay… with your help I should be able to accomplish my goals more easily.”

“Standing by, 3…2…1…”

The enormous array was activated and enshrouded me in bright blue lights.

“Guess I will continue my mission to grow and expand to new horizons.”

“Yes! And I’ll be counting on you, Lena!”

Shortly after I disappeared along with the blinding light as my very existence was divided and scattered across the universes, I fell into darkness.

I couldn’t see nor use any of my five senses. Simply drifting across space like an insignificant speck of dust.



When I finally gained consciousness, it felt like being born for the first time.

‘Has everything to this point been a dream?’

“It seems that this is the origin point of time.”



I tried to talk with her but only the clamping of my jaws was heard.

“Oh… Johra you’re back. It seems that you can’t talk yet, but it’s fine since I working on a communication system with Machina. Just relax since you might be a bit confused and disoriented right now.”


I once again tried to speak but no words came out.

“You may not remember entirely, but you sacrificed yourself in order to prevent the destruction of all the universes. You’ve been asleep this entire time, until finally returning to the origin of time itself.”

‘Was the origin of time really when I became a skeleton soldier? The very beginning of everything?’

I was doubtful but had no way to voice my opinion.


Feeling some burning sensation in the back of my neck, I once again heard Lena’s voice.

“Try to focus on projecting your thoughts through the vibrations in your bones.”

“Uh… does it work?”

I felt my own voice ringing throughout my body.

“We are communicating through the conduction of your body, it seems to be working fine. For now Johra you need to follow the flow of history, so please get up and follow them.”

“Oh… right.”

I got up and trudged along, following the dozens of other skeleton soldiers just like myself.

“Lena, I know what happens to me next, do I still need to go?”

“Yes, it would be best to follow the events as closely as possible, until a certain breakpoint occurs.”

“A breakpoint in the flow of history?”

“Ah, along with this new body you’ve lost a lot of your memories, fortunately I’ve saved everything in the Sephiros network. I’ve also noted all the instances where your decisions may have affected the stability of the future. For now just listen as you walk.”

“Oh… I see.”

I heard the grinding of bones all around me.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that these divergences or breakpoints are opportune moments to prevent the end of the universe. If history were to change, then perhaps that ideal chance wouldn’t exist anymore.”

“So when does this special breakpoint arrive?”

Suddenly I heard people crying in the distance.

“Gillian, I told you we should have brought a priest over!”

“Don’t you know how hard it is to find a priest these days?”

“Oh never mind, the skeletons are already here, please hold them off a while, I hope this magic will be effective against them.”

“Block your ears!”

“Fire Elemental heed my call! Rafflema strike!”

I saw a large fireball crash into the line of skeletons before me, resulting in a shockwave which sent me flying back.

“I guess I have no choice but to fall with the rest of them.”

“Actually you are already falling… UUUgg

I lost consciousness in that deep dark pit.

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