Chapter 148

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As I approached the cave, my resolve was shaken.

What if the cave was completely empty?

What would I do then?

Sigh!  Making up my mind I stepped inside. Just like in my memory, there was the large altar, but this time the gem within which Gnoss resided wasn’t there. Instead, there was a big and impressive key.

‘This is the key which the Princess handed to me back then.’

I thought to myself as I grabbed ahold of it.

Clearly someone had left this here for me to find and use to open the Tower of God.

“Johra, that’s the same key as last time, the one with the strange atomic mass.”

“Yes, it looks like we will have to make a trip to tip of Antarctica.”

“I’ll pull you up a map.”

Using the disk, I flew towards where I believed the Tower of God to be.

‘Who could have left that key for me. It couldn’t have been Metatron or Skyfather since they shouldn’t know this part of the future. Just who was it that cause all those who are so precious to me to disappear? I really have no idea!’

I helplessly tried to deduce who my new opponent would be as I flew South.

“It’s huge. It’s like…

“It’s like Machina’s Roots. It extends so high up that it connects to new worlds.”

I looked up at the tower which was so tall that it pierced the clouds and seemed to stretch into infinity.


As I approached the tower three fireballs fell before me.

“Are you trying to stop me?”

Three giant angels appeared in the air.

“14 wings, it must be the highest class of angel, a Cherubim”

“ Ah, so you guys are Skyfather’s ultimate creation?”


Without bothering to answer, the angel closest to me swung its flaming sword, incinerating the very spot I had previously been standing in. However I had simply walked past them as I made my way to the tower.

They couldn’t block my way since I wielded Excalibur which could  control time and space.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

I heard the sounds of the Cherubim frantically rushing towards me but I simply ignored then and calmly inserted the key.


Tens of millions of magic circles activated and the invisible shield guarding the tower disappeared.

The Tower of Gods had finally opened.

I turned around because I had stopped hearing the sound of the Cherubim approaching, but realised that time itself had stopped.

“The time has stopped? How very dramatic.”

Grasping the door handle, I swung it open and stepped inside, discovering and entirely new dimension. I was in what seemed like a new world. Devoid of anything but an empty space and a staircase which seemed to pierce the sky.

“Is this the infamous stairway to heaven?”

“I don’t know how this dimension was created, but there don’t appear to be any dangers.”

“Yup, whoever designed this made it huge.”


I took my first step on the staircase.

“Are you going up, Johra?”

“Naturally, since I’ve received an invitation it would be rude not to show up.”

I replied as I continued to climb up.

I soon lost track of time as the sun shone 24/7 and there wasn’t any nighttime. I walked on for what seemed like ages until at one point I realised that beside me appeared a unique set of clouds.

“How beautiful.”

“Johra those clouds aren’t normal. There density is so high that one can easily walk on them.”

“Oh, let me try.”


My foot sank in slightly but otherwise it supported my weight. It felt like walking on cotton.

“So soft!”

I walked around happily, enjoying the feeling of lightness and the soft clouds.

“Have I wandered too far from the stairs”

“Don’t worry Johra since I’ve got the whole palace mapped out, we can return any time. Also, I think that there is something in front over there.”


I walked in the direction Lena pointed out for about half a day until I arrived before a unique castle made out of pure white stone. The roof was plated in gold and it reflected the sunlight splendidly.

“It’s quite huge, but why does it seem so familiar?”

I arrived before the castle gates and the drawbridge descended.

“Were they expecting me?”

I walked along the streets inside the castle walls and every single building was made up of the same pure white stone with the doors and roofs decorated in gold.

“Is there anyone even living in here?”

I had walked through the city streets but couldn’t find any signs of life.

“Wait, Necropolis! Doesn’t it look just like my old city?”

I took my half a day of wandering about to finally make the connection. The architecture and urban management was exactly like it had been in my memories of Necropolis.

Even the inside of the buildings were carefully reproduced, down to the furniture and tools. It appeared that until seconds before my arrival, this had been a vibrant city. The only thing that felt strange was the fact that everything was the color white.

“If the outside is so similar, then the inside of castle should likewise be identical.”

I recognized the entrance the the palace which I had previously resided in. beside the entrance stood two empty suits of armor as guards.

Clink clink!

The suits of armor moved and opened the doors for me as I approached.

“It looks like I’ve been invited in….”

As I walked into what appeared to be my previous throne room, I saw someone sitting proudly on the throne.

“Ah… so it was you.”

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