Chapter 150

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“Long time no see!”

“Yes, it’s been a while.”

The ones who were sitting on the throne were the vessels of Sha and L who had fused with Abbadon.

“Gaia, Odin, so it was you two.”

“That’s right, we’ve been waiting here for you.”

“Can you explain to me what the current situation is?”

They stood up and nodded respectfully.

“Please have a seat.”

A large throne chair appeared behind me.


“Actually, I’m not entirely sure where to start.”

“Just speak truthfully, start at when we last met until now.”

“I’ll begin with our promise, back when we were all one with the Omega which was about 25 billion years ago.”

Gaia, who was Sha’s incarnation, looked to Odin and after receiving a nod, continued with her story.

“You had promised us to put an end the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. ”

“Cycle of rebirth?You mean regarding the universes?”
“Right, we were exhausted by the concept of endless recycling of the universe and the fact that only the Alpha and Omega would keep their memories.”

“Yes, you’ve told me before that you had this promise with the future me.”

“Yes, it was and incredible situation which was only allowed to happen because there was an important condition attached.”

“What was the condition?”

“You promised to show us a new and unfamiliar future.”

“Was that the promise…”

Gaia nodded her head and continued.

“At that point Abbadon, the Omega, was against such an idea and chose to rebel, resulting in a seperation of the powers of Destruction and Creation.”

“Hm… yes that’s a story I’ve heard before.”

“Then the future Johra said that he will push ahead with his plan for the future.”

“A plan? Wait, wasn’t the future me supposed to have disappeared?”

Gaia shook her head.

We are now in the final act which the future Johra has prepared.

“How can…the future me? Does he still exist?”

“Find out for yourself, the answer lies and the end of this staircase, it shouldn’t be far now.”

“The end of the stairs… will he truly be there?”

“You’ve been through and suffered a lot, but in the end everything was for the future of the universe.”

“Dammit, I can’t believe this!”

I dashed out of the room and headed for the stairs. I could hear Gaia and Odin calling out to me, but their voices soon began to fade.

“I can’t believe this! How can I be the future me? Why would I have done all this?”

I ran up the stairs non stop, tears spilling from my eyes.

I lost track of time, unsure how long I had been running. If I fell, I would just pick myself back up and continue running for what seemed like eternity, until finally a shining sphere appeared.

“Is this the end?”

My surroundings disappeared and all that remained was the small egg I held in my hands. Then Lena’s voice came out.

“Johra, this is an entirely separate dimension. It’s chaotic here… time seems to be flowing every which way, my calculations can’t keep up….”

Then, just as Lena had to shut herself down to keep from thinking herself to death, I heard a familiar, but more mature voice call out to me.

“Come here, Johra.”

“You… who are you?”

“You already know the answer to that.”

“Right, I guess you’re the main culprit behind all this.”

“Well, I suppose you have the right to refer to me as that…to say the truth you’ve far exceeded my expectations by overcoming everything you’ve faced.. ”

“Son of bitch!”

I tried to swing a vicious hook towards the voice, but it was pointless.

“Sorry, I’m here and at the same time I’m not. The stronger you become, the closer I am to disappearing entirely. I no longer have much time left.”

“What, you’re just going to up and disappear, leaving me with this mess? Give me back Gwyn! Gnoss! Lilinor! All those who are most precious to me!”

“Still the same greedy one, do you truly believe you can have it all?”

“Why not? It’s not like I’m asking for much!”

“Wrong, we are one and the same person. In order to move up in this Universe we had promised to sacrifice those who are most precious to us.”

“No way! I would have never!”

“Really, do you want to see the memory?”


I was suddenly flooded with billions of years of memory, all crashing down on me at once.

I experienced the endless reincarnations of the universe, rendering all things meaningless.A brilliant, but empty world as a fear grew within me. I experienced the horrors of the future me as well as the pain of losing those I loved most.

I lived that heartbreaking scene, as well as the decision to return to the past and manipulate the most powerful forces in the universe, all so it could be avoided.

All that had happened, I had been a part of. As I felt myself intervening in the universe, I felt the pain of others engraved in my heart, but also my resolve hardened.

I saw the process by which the Tower of God was created, and how Gaia, Odin and Makina helped out.

Indeed, he had the same access to the Sephiroth network as I, we were the same person.

I had used it throughout time to manipulate events across the universes, which resulted in this very moment.

“… I was the one who was behind it all.”

“Right, you and I are the same.”

“Yes, we are one.”

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