Chapter 153

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A  cute red dragon cried out as it broke out of its shell, struggling to get a breath of fresh air while its eyelids were too heavy to open.

“Oh, what am I supposed to do now? It’s waay too cute!!!”

‘Lord, please control yourself.’

Ignoring Bianca’s interjection, I place Valenor in the palm of my hand.

Nya~ Nya~

She exclaims as she attempts to gnaw at my finger with her tiny teeth.

“Are you hungry, here have some of this.”

I bring a bottle of warm milk to her mouth and she proceeds to suck on it.

Gloo! Gloo! Gloo!

She quickly downed its contents after which she lied down comfortably on my palm and fell asleep. Absorbed in the moment, I stayed there just watching her peaceful rest.


About two hours later she woke up and began to cry.


‘Here it is, my Lord.’

Alpeon quickly arrived with some fresh warm milk.

I had once again been reunited with my wife, which was now crawling on my palm. In this manner, 3 years flew by.

I had helped her  learn Polymorph and despite now having the appearance of a four year old girl, her strength was far beyond her age.

“Valenor… those clothes….”

“Aren’t Johra’s clothes also my toys?”

Due to her excessive level ups, her playfulness was on another level of danger, such that a regular human would have died several times already.

Fortunately Valenor was aware that I wasn’t so easily killed. She had bad habits of climbing all over my body and attacking or trying to wrestle me, in truth I had no idea where she had picked it all up, but I couldn’t help but laugh at her actions.

It truly was a peaceful day.

“Johra, an unknown dragon is flying toward the Pit.”

I looked up and saw a giant blue dragon making its way here.

“Ah, you’re finally here?”

As it got closer it changed its appearance into that of a female human and ran towards me with her arms open.

“Johra! Johra! Johra!”

“Huh? How do you have your memories of me, Lilinor?”

She sped forward to leap into my arms, but was intercepted midway.


“Move! He is mine!”

“Who are you?”

“Ah… I’ll introduce you, this is Valenor.”

“I’m Johra’s wife!”

One day I had let slip that we were married and she had now taken it to heart.

“Johra… did you really have that kind of hobby?”

I shook my head awkwardly, even if I were to try and explain the whole situation, it was hardly a believable story.

We retired to the Necropolis palace and we had a banquet to celebrate Lilinor’s arrival.

Lilinor indulged herself in the many dishes, displaying a voracious appetite.

“By the way, how was it that you retained your memories of me, Lilinor?”

“Naturally it was because of the contract between us, which transcends Time and Space”

“Really, how?”

“My real identity is the incarnation of space and time, so I can retain my memories due to this power. Also, there are those children which had taken you as their master, it seems that they don’t have any memories of you now.”

“Well, it’s a bit complicated to meet them now, I’m sure that we’ll meet again someday so I will just be patient and wait.”

Phew. Oh right, you also need to hurry. Your slave is in danger.”

“What slave?”

Valenor suddenly tried to snatch some food from her plate, but I made her return it to Lilinor.

“Are you talking about Viezda?”

“I found a woman who matched her description, but she was nameless. She was in a pretty terrible condition so I tried to help her, but was blocked by a powerful entity, so I’ve come to you.”

“What? Why have you only now told me?”

“Ah, sorry I just got caught up in our reunion.”

“Okay, you can all wait here, I’ll go bring her back.”

“I’m going too!”

Valenor cried out as she clung to my body.

Tch! There’s no convincing this one!’

I had tried several times to detach her but was unsuccessful so I just resigned myself to bringing her with me and stepped on my metallic disk.

“Wait up Johra! You don’t know her location.”

Lilinor ran out with some food in each hand.

“Then quickly hop up and guide me there!”

“Wow! This cake is really delicious!”

“When did you become such a glutton?”

“I’m not! It’s just that these dishes are way too tasty!”

Within moments we had arrived at Gartmar.

“Over there!”

Peering through the window of some dirty and desolate alley, one inhabited by numerous drug addicts.

“My love should not be suffering in this filth! Material Creation!”

I created a bunch of gold and threw the coins at the thugs, grabbing ahold of Viezda who was coughing and wheezing in the corner of the room.


I went to hug her tightly, but realised that her body was incredibly light, like picking up a small branch.

I then used the Sephiroth network to give her emergency treatment and detoxify everyone in the alley.

“Who are you? That isn’t my name.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Naturally she was not yet aware that her name was Viezda.

“From this moment on you are Viezda, my love.”

I held her gently and brought her back to Necropolis.

I was quite worried about her sickly appearance and helped nurse her back to health over the course of an entire month. Of course I could have just sped up the process with my magic, but it was bound to leave some after-effects and this natural way was best.

“My lord, why are you so kind to me? I’m nothing but some abandoned prostitute.”

I shook my head in response.

You are my wife, Viezda. Don’t worry about the rest.

I had improved her health and now had to tackled the next problem. She was still suffering under that curse of hers, so perhaps she would gain some confidence in herself if her beauty was restored.

We were able to achieve this by hunting the Void Scuttles down beneath us, with the help of Lilinor. After a short period of time, she was able to level up enough to erase the curse, but her mental condition didn’t improve much. Instead, she seemed even more anxious about her condition.

Ugh just what am I supposed to do?”

I was able to cure her injuries, but it didn’t help me in winning her heart.

I woke up that night to the sound of Viezda’s crying sounds coming from the terrace, as she basked in the moonlight.

“Johra, could I help you out here?”

“Gaia? Just how is it that you can help me?”

“Have you forgotten that I’m an incarnation of Sha? It’s within my powers to affect one’s memories.”

“Would you be able to restore Viezda’s memories?”

“It might not be perfect, but I should be able to restore the memories of her time with you.”

“Please, I beg you to help me with this!”

Huhu… okay, I will help you, but I also have a favor to ask.”

“A favor?”

“It not a big deal at all, it might end up being a bit annoying, but it won’t bring you any harm. ”

“Well… that’s a suspicious way to word it, but if it will solve Viezda’s current dilemma, I’ll do it!”

“Sure, but wasn’t there another one as well? Melpo….”

“Melpomene! Yes, where is she now?”

Huhu! I’ll consider it a part of the same favor, so I’ll let you know soon enough.”

“Great, so please help Viezda.”

“When she wakes up tomorrow morning, she’ll have her memories back. It may not be perfect, but I’m sure she’ll feel much better.”

And just as she prophessed, the next morning I was able to meet my Viezda.



“Ho…how could I have forgotten all that?”

“There were a lot of complications involving celestial powers, but that’s all done now.”

It was more of a half truth, so I wasn’t outright lying to her.

“I’m sorry Johra, about….”

“No, none of this was your fault.”

As we were hugging intimately, Valenor showed up and attempted to break us up.

“Get away! I’m Johra’s wife!”

“Oh yes, I’ve heard a lot about you, Miss Valenor.”

“Okay, I’ll forgive you this once since you seem polite, but I’m still the wife!”

Viezda couldn’t help but erupt into laughter upon hearing Valenor’s dignified declaration.

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