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Chapter 44

Myeonghu expected she would be surprised if he were to be the first to strike, but it turned out that he was the one that was shocked instead. ‘Can I not attack her?’ Myeonghun felt awkward, was he unable to attack her because he as currently in the shape of a fox? He tried swinging

Chapter 43

✿<Tilto’s Craftsmanship 1> Tilto is crafting an Item and requires the Claws of the Monstrous Fox which are known to be as hard as steel. Go hunt the Monstrous Foxes and return with Steel Claws for Tilto! [Monstrous Fox’s Steel Claws: 30/30] Difficulty: D Quest Reward: ???, Tilto’s Craftsmanship 2 ✿<Ga Dogu’s Experiment Material A>

Chapter 42

[Level Up!] The Monstrous Fox fell down to the ground and Myenghu went ahead and pick up the dropped items. -You have obtained the Pelt of the Monstrous Fox -You have obtained the Steel Claws of the Monstrous Fox. “Awesome!” Myeonghun smile as he checked his inventory. Sitting in there were the 14 Monstrous Fox

Chapter 41

“…200?” He couldn’t believe it. Pak! He was hit by another slash and he once again checked his health. “Ridiculous….” This time it shaved off 250, but it was still an insignificant amount. ‘The only difference is the armor…’ Compared to last time around, the only thing that had changed was that he now wore

Chapter 40

In a secluded room, four men sat around a table and were discussing. “When should we start?” “Is it time?” “Yes I think so” “…” Three men spoke up, but they were all looking to see what reaction the last one who kept silent had. “Huu..” The man only let out a sigh, causing the

Chapter 39

“Haa… I’m finally done.” He let out a sigh of relief as he arrived back in Himise through a portal. Kukuku He let out a chuckle as he examined his inventory. “30,000” He had an impressive 30,000 gold in his account, but that wasn’t all. “I even have these Uniques left and who knows how

Chapter 38

“Ha… so it was just game money.” Even after arriving at his room he still couldn’t shake off the fact that the huge debt he had been worrying about was nothing but virtual money. “…” He took out the bankbook from his pocket and was at loss for words as he stared at the many

Chapter 37

“Wha…what?” He couldn’t help but be surprised by the unexpected slew of messages. He trying entering the 331.65 million once more then clicked send. [Unable to complete the transfer due to low rating] [Please increase your account’s rating or lower the amount] [With your current rating of 9, the transfer limit is of 500,000 won]

Chapter 36

“Where could he be?” After arriving at Himise through the portal, he tried to find Walcha, but was unable to locate him. He decided on looking for him in front of the Chief’s house, where they had first met. “Not here….” Despite arriving there, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He kept the house entrance

Chapter 35

Myeonghu couldn’t believe his eyes. “20200 gold…” He wasn’t able to imagine the wealth when he had first bought the swords, bows and crossbows, but he could finally witness it in the form of 20200 gold. If he were to convert it to cash he could get about 200 million won. Of course there would