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Chapter 122 (Teaser)

Teaser “Fool! You’ve only just become a God and you wish to wield my weapon which only a chosen one can touch. If an unclean soul touches Mjölnir then you can die instantly, do you still dare grab it?” He asked as he tossed his hammer towards me. ‘Um… should I not touch it then?

Chapter 121

“Um… why are there so many balls of light?” “We have detected hundreds of bodies of energy approaching from 3 o’clock.” Lena announced ominously. “I see, it seems that the Egyptian Gods and Olympians have finally made their move.” “Ah, then was the earlier solar flare just a ruse to lure out Thor?” “Possibly….” Flash!

Chapter 120

I needed to come to a decision and ignore Gnoss’ scolding for the moment. If they already knew all about it then I had little choice in the matter. “Fine, Loki you and your clan shall have your stake in this venture, but in return, be sure to protect Utopia when the time comes.” “That’s

Chapter 119

“The asteroids have stopped coming.” “What? How is that possible?” “It seems that those people have decided to intervene.” “Uh… you mean the High Gods?” I swallowed my saliva nervously. “Maybe one of those observers finally decided to step in.” “Who are they?” “Although Gods can be quite powerful, only a few among them are

Chapter 118

I didn’t actually have any idea how to begin creating my very own 1000 km planet. Naturally I knew a certain amount of math behind it. A planet with a diameter of 1000 km resulted in a volume of (1000*1000*1000*4*𝝅/3) = 4,188,789,330 km3 . The density of iron was 8.37g/cm3, so one cubic meter would

Chapter 117

“How are you… wait, where is this place? Harpok’s body is here too? What’s going on Johra? Last I remember we were attacking the Rohim’s home planet. How long has it been since then?” “Ugh… you just got back and are already so annoying, shut up.” “Who are you talking to? Where did that gem

Chapter 116

I was giving him the usual near death experience, when suddenly he threw himself at Krishna, choosing death. I tried to pull back the sword, but it all happened too fast and I was too late.” “Huh… so Harpok chose to die.” “Perhaps, I’m not so convinced that he actually died though.” “He’s still alive?

Chapter 115

“Wow, what a gorgeous beach, the white sand is so fine.” I stepped off the Nautilus and onto the shores of the New Continent. “Lena, keep the Nautilus hidden and safe.” “Got it, I’ll keep it on patrol mode along the coast.” The fauna in this area was unlike anything from our continent. There were

Chapter 114

I left the burning blade inside its mouth for quite some time, before finally pulling Krishna out. “So, are you feeling a bit more humble now?” “Ask me anything… I’ll answer.” “No, I can’t feel that you are being earnest.” I stick my sword back into Harpok’s mouth. “Stop… just hold up one moment! I

Chapter 113

“We had all died previously right?” Actually the Princess hadn’t died, but rather lost consciousness due to her severe injuries. “Yes you were all dead.” “Then how is it that we are alive and well now?” They all looked towards me, pressing me for an answer. ‘I guess they’ll find out eventually anyways so it