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I reappeared back in my room on Earth. “Lena?” There was no answer, perhaps she had completely vanished due to the explosion. I walked into what had now become a new apartment building as I stepped into the other world. “Hmm… how was it already that we made teleportation arrays?” I had watched Lena do

Chapter 156

Using my connection to the Sephiroth network I managed to cure her blindness. “Wow… to think that I could finally see something, even if its a bit blurry….” “It will take some time for your eyes to adjust, but from here on out you’ll be able to see.” Hug! “What?” “Thank you! You truly were

Chapter 155

Ring! Ring! I had slept in that morning, seeing as it was a Saturday, but was rudely awaken by the ringing of my phone. “Ugh… it’s just an unknown number.” I would very rarely receive calls from people other than my parents, so after dismissing the call, I fell back asleep. However, a few minutes

Chapter 154

At first, things were a bit awkward between Viezda, Valenor and Lilinor since they didn’t know each other well, but their passion for the game of chess brought them together and they gradually became closer. I was enjoy my time, staring up at the bright blue sky and watching my three princesses pick up the

Chapter 153

Nyaaaaaaa~ A  cute red dragon cried out as it broke out of its shell, struggling to get a breath of fresh air while its eyelids were too heavy to open. “Oh, what am I supposed to do now? It’s waay too cute!!!” ‘Lord, please control yourself.’ Ignoring Bianca’s interjection, I place Valenor in the palm

Chapter 152

“Alpeon, don’t let anyone leave the confines of the Pit.” ‘Yes Lord.’ I materialized my metal disk and flew over the cliff. “Last time I went into battle with Valenor, but now I’m all alone.” A cloud of dust gathered in the distance and huge dragons appeared in the horizon above it. “Tch! Just why

Chapter 151

“Johra?” “That’s right, I’m Johra. The past, present and future me were all one, suffering under that cursed name.” I had received the billions of years worth of memories and experiences which my future self had accumulated. A power to control and even transcend the universe itself. I knew what happened from the very beginning

Chapter 150

“Long time no see!” “Yes, it’s been a while.” The ones who were sitting on the throne were the vessels of Sha and L who had fused with Abbadon. “Gaia, Odin, so it was you two.” “That’s right, we’ve been waiting here for you.” “Can you explain to me what the current situation is?” They

Chapter 149

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” “How is it possible for you to be here before me?” “Because it is my destiny to meet you, despite the fact that you’ve already killed me once.” “So you remember that, Lorina.” Right, the one who was sitting before me was in fact the same Lorina from the

Chapter 148

As I approached the cave, my resolve was shaken. What if the cave was completely empty? What would I do then? Sigh!  Making up my mind I stepped inside. Just like in my memory, there was the large altar, but this time the gem within which Gnoss resided wasn’t there. Instead, there was a big