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Chapter 70

“Gnossian?” “Yes, we will be arriving in 30 minutes and 24 seconds.” Unlike Lena, Gnossian was less likely to engage in small talk, but the information provided was very precise and detailed. “How many enemies will we be encountering?” “By analysing the distortion caused by their invisibility cloaks, we estimate around 100 ships.” “Hmm… that’s

Chapter 69

When I arrive back on Earth a vessel similar to Valen was under construction in the outer space shipyard. “Wow awesome” “I’ve designed it according to Johra’s instructions.” It may take up to 14 hours before it is operational, and you’ll be able to control it from your console.” “Great, and what about your analysis

Chapter 68

“The bomb was successfully placed on the asteroid.” “Great!” The android before me seemed incredibly pleased, but their expressions didn’t match their words. I guess there are limitations to how closely they can replicate humans after all.. “There are 12 hours, 24 minutes and 54 seconds until detonation, Valen will now set a course back

Chapter 67

“Hmm… so your plan is to use a positron bomb in order to destroy the asteroid?” “Right, although smaller asteroids can be taken care of by our high powered laser turrets, they can’t take on the larger ones.” “I see, then I’m guessing you want me to create some more positrons right?” I was discussing

Chapter 66

‘Damn it! How did you follow me here?’ ‘It was your hearts desire which summoned me here.’ ‘Ha, betrayed by my own heart.’ ‘How can you think like that? Isn’t it true that I made you stronger, how have you been? No, first of all where are we? Are you back on Earth?’ ‘Yes, this

Chapter 65

“Give me administrative privileges.” “You want to be the Administrator?” “Yes, If you grant my main body the exclusive administrator rights, I’ll help you out.” “Okay, that won’t be a problem because my sole reason for my existence is to prepare a habitable location for the human race.” It was a surprisingly reasonable answer because

Chapter 64

The tunnel was longer than I had expected and I had only reached the end of it after walking for about two or three kilometers. I had come to what looked like a futuristic steel door with a keypad to the side of it. “Hmm… those are the same numbers we used on Earth right?”

Chapter 63

“Yes, I was unsure if my resurrection song would work on you. It’s quite funny that a skill which is meant to bring back the living worked on an undead as well! Cough Cough!” Noradriana was spitting out bright red blood, but the extremely low temperature caused the blood to immediately freeze. Next to me

Chapter 62

I had finally reigned in my raging emotions and was able to calmly analyze the situation. That imprison skill maybe some object get given a magic word in the null of the magic field. That means get cut from physical power.    I had finally realized that I would be at a disadvantage if I

Chapter 61

‘Lord, the human’s armies have left the capital.’ ‘Got it’ It was the latest report from Alpeon. They were coming after me just as I had predicted.’ ‘It’s not easy… If there were only the Angels I could overwhelm them with, but with the humans there I had no distinct advantage.’ My best tactic of