Level 1 Skeleton Glossary



Chompy/ Johra : Our MC, was reincarnated as a Skeleton in a strange world.

Gwyn : A Pixie who named our MC ‘Chompy’, first sentient being and first companion of our MC.

Ian: Part of the group of human adventurers which descended into the Catacombs. She is a female mage, and later becomes Johra’s familiar as a witch.

Melinda: Male priest from the group of adventurers, betrays Chompy’s trust.
Pirate and Gillian, last members of human adventure group.

Mallepi: Young baby dragon, Johra’s companion

Alpeon: Queen of the largest termite hill, Johra’s go to administrator for the Pit.
Vega and Trisila, the other two termite queens.

Nymue: Water spirit living in the lake of the Pit. Considered as a traitor by the fairy king Oberon.

Bianca: Spider Queen in the forests of the Pit.

-3 unique spiders:
Legol: Shoots out Fire webs.
Arin: Shoots out poisonous webs and has Colorful webs that are using as detection.
Hattan: Shoots out Ice/Cold magic webs

-3 unique golden termites:
Mir: Shoots out a .Flame spit
Jenna: Has a skills that shoots out Acidic spit.

Soleste: Powerful Archlich located in the Catacombs, Rank C+

Tavlin: Powerful Asmodian envoy (Half-Human/Dragon).
Pylbiam: Female Asmodian, uses javelins.

Naarin: Elf Archer.
Leon: Female Elf warrior

Matilda: Golem from the League of Reincarnators.
Roslin: little girl vampire from the League of Reincarnators.

Kishande: Rape victim at the hands of Orcs, saved by our MC.

Miranda: Huntress, close sisters with Kishande.

Ashe: Priestess, close friends with Kishande.

Tyr: Appointed as second in command of The Goblin King Quest