Chapter 34

“Ah, it was him.” Myeonghu remembered him as the middle aged player he had seen last time on his way to Ga Dogu’s house. “What is it?” He couldn’t understand why it was that the player was calling him out and even rushing toward him. “Thank you! I…” After running over to stand in front

Chapter 33

  “Ugh, I’m too late.” The player which arrived after rushing towards him spoke dejectedly, which piqued Myeonghu’s curiosity. “Do you not have any swords left?” “Unfortunately not.” Sigh “Why what’s wrong?” “I missed a nice chance to make some money is all.” This definitely caught Myeonghu’s attention since it had to do with making

Chapter 32

“…” Myeonghu didn’t know how to react to the players gathered before his stall. “Wow, they look nice” “Ahaw” “49 like these?” The players gossiped among themselves, unable to conceal their jealousy. Then, a player began moving his finger in midair and a message appeared for MYeonghu shortly after. [Would you like to sell a

Chapter 31

‘Just who is the one messing around?’ It could only be some kind of prank. After all what he had posted were just Rare items and not Uniques, the price was simply too high. “What a ridiculous sum of money….” When bidding one had to first have that amount of money on your account, and

Chapter 30

Immediately after stepping out of the guild he checked his stats page. Name: Myeonghu Nationality: Helioka [Empire] Age: 22 Class: Warrior Level: 139 HP: 191450 MP: 420 Strength:9330(+100) Agility: 15 Stamina: 97(+80) Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11 Bonus Stats: 630   Including the recent 50 Bonus Stats, he now had 630 available to spend. “Now that

Chapter 29

“….” After hearing what the NPC had just said, Myeonghu was left speechless. He had never imagined that he wouldn’t be able to chose his Class promotion. ‘I guess it’s just one more reason to visit the city.’ He was thinking of the path he had to take through the Aqua Wolf Forest, when the

Chapter 28

<Striking Gauntlets [Unique] Restrictions: 2500 Strength Physical Damage: 2300~2400 +300% Damage Put your everything into a single punch. – Raberu (Martial arts expert) He remained rooted in place, impressed by the gauntlets which he immediately compared to his current knuckle braces. <Icy Knuckle Braces [Rare]> Restrictions: 600 Strength Physical Attack: 550-560 Physical Defense: 200 Ice

Chapter 27

‘What?’ Myeonghu wasn’t able to understand his reaction. “Not too long ago you were bringing me the pelts of Rabbits and Foxes, but now you just brought me that of a Monstrous Fox!” It was only then that he understood why Pelun had been so shocked. “Where you always this strong? Else it’s truly impressive

Chapter 26

35 million won, that was the amount he had bid on all the items. “Will it be enough?” He even still worried that it wouldn’t be sufficient. After all, he had never actually entertained the thought of winning the Rare item s with his 1 million won bids. He got up from his chair and

Chapter 25

He spent a long time sifting through the items for sale, his eyes glued to the screen, before letting out a helpless sigh. “It’s impossible to figure out.” He couldn’t get a good grasp of the market. Even two items which appeared to be similar might be hundreds of thousands of won apart due to