Chapter 147

“So, can you go ahead and lead the way to the King’s secret room?” ‘Ah, yes right away!’ We made our way through the tunnels of the termite hill, all the while conversing with Alpeon through telepathy until we arrived at the room which hid the World Tree’s roots. “Lena, open up a line with

Chapter 146

“Do I really need to follow every action to the letter?” “No, you don’t need to perfectly replicate all of your previous actions. As long as you don’t miss any significant events then it should be fine.” “Truly?” “Yes, but I’m still not sure whether Metatron can interfere with the future. I suppose that we

Chapter 145

“I’m a bit worried about you.” “It’s fine, I never expected to win outright anyways.” I gave her a half hearted smile. Metatron began healing before my very eyes. I could see Metatron’s smile as his body was restored to its peak condition. “Old God, you are cruel to create a magic spell which can

Chapter 144

“You are that trash left over from the birth of the universes.” “Trash? Well that’s a bit harsh, no?” “Abbadon once mentioned that there was a certain unforeseen error which prevented her perfect return.” I wanted to immediately refute his words, but chose to first reflect in silence. ‘I guess this is a good chance

Chapter 143

“Naturally I have my reasons for doing what I did.” Metatron stared at me, waiting for me to continue. “Of course, I couldn’t simply leave you alone.” “Why not, I don’t even know who you are.” “You might not know me, but I know everything about you.” “What is your name?” “You don’t need to

Chapter 142

Suaak! A dimensional space crack materialized before me and a white arm began to reach out form it. Time itself had been slowed down to such a level that only 0.0001 seconds had passed. Chiiiiiic As the crack began to widen, a transparent white, humanoid creature stepped out of it. Although this being moved quite

Chapter 141

“If the worst case were to arise, wouldn’t you not be able to restore to your true selves?” I asked L. “If we were to die while being fused, we wouldn’t be able to be reborn until the universe has been restored.” “Restored?” “Oh, didn’t you know? All vessels of Divine Grave are restored after

Chapter 140

“Ragnarok? Did I hear wrong? Abbadon?” “I think I heard it too.” “Are you crazy, L?” “Please listen until the end, I was about to explain it.” “Okay, go ahead.” L closed his eyes as he attempted to organize his thoughts, also receiving some input from Sha. “Exactly….” “A miniature Ragnarok. Originally, Ragnarok is a

Chapter 139

“Ugh my head! It’s quite taxing to be trapped inside the body of such an inferior organism. Wait, didn’t you come back early, Johra?” Abaddon was clutching her head in pain as she asked me. “I suppose I did, have you been doing well, Abaddon?” “As you can see, with the Time flux all in

Chapter 138

“We didn’t know that you had already arrived.” “What… that isn’t even a good lie. Your subordinate Killion was waiting to receive me, how could you not have known?” Sha shook her head. “Did Killion truly meet up with you? How strange, it was not yet time for you to arrive.” “What do you mean?”