Chapter 112

Thanatos had vanished after that day. Well, in truth she wasn’t so much gone, but rather became invisible and dogged my every step. Although I didn’t know the full extent of her powers, she was sure to be useful. Also, it was good to know that no one else could see her besides myself. The

Chapter 111

‘For Melpomene it seems that even if she’s definitely hit max level, she isn’t able to evolve further. Could evolutions have some sort of cap? Could it be due to the cursed necklace or maybe even her original curse? It might even be that there exists a certain limiter in our genes which don’t allow

Chapter 110

“Master I think that there are only 10,000 left.” Melpomene swiftly cut her own carotid artery once more after informing me. We had managed to achieve 1,000 deaths per day, for a total of 90,000 deaths in 90 days. I was now spending more than half of my day, about 15 hours, repeating this process

Chapter 109

“Get down on your knees Melpomene!” “Yes master.” Holding her chest in pain, she had no choice but to obey due to the slave contract. “Explain to me why you’ve done this.” I speak out viciously, hardly able to rein in my anger. “It is because of one of my brother’s prophecies.” “What prophecy is

Chapter 108

I heard some crying coming from the medical wing as the steward urged me on. “Already?” “It was just born, come on!” As I stepped into the room, I first noticed my cute baby girl in the android Hanna’s arms.  Viezda was laying down, terribly exhausted, but the one thing that jumped out at me

Chapter 107

“Get up Melpomene, it’s a bit awkward if you stay prostrated like that.” “No, I won’t move until master accepts me.”-1 “Are you testing my patience?” “I know too many of your secrets, and knowing your temperament it is likely that unless you accept me you’d kill me off. I can only wait like this,

Chapter 106

★ Name: Jillian H. Ernheim Gender: Male Status: Normal/ Enhanced Eyesight Race: Human Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage Rank: G+ Level: 99/99 HP: 312/312 MP: 642/642 Attack: 54 (+8) Defense: 52 (+11) Agility: 108 Intelligence: 231 ✧ Unique skills [Taunt Lv2] [One Handed Sword Mastery Lv2] [One Handed Shield Mastery Lv2] [Ground Smash Lv1] [Lightning

Chapter 105

“What? Just when did I fall asleep? Oh, and why are Viezda and Melpomene here as well?” I had fallen asleep in my underground lab and somehow these two women had joined me. “I guess I would have been cold just falling asleep like that… did they come join me because they were lonely?” “You

Chapter 104

“Master!” “Johra!” My two cute disciples leapt into my arms, princess Mayardus followed behind them giving me a smile. “Both of you have recovered your eyesight, I’m glad.” “It’s all thanks to master.” “Actually Johra, it isn’t entirely the same as before.” “Oh, what’s the problem?” “No problem, in fact it’s the opposite, my eyesight