Chapter 60

‘Lord, it appears that the human king has begun conscription among his population.’ ‘Truly? Well, although I doubt it could change much, just keep me updated of any other changes.’ ‘As you wish Lord.’ “Hmm… is he really so desperate that he had to conscript his own people?” I was shocked when I learned that

Chapter 59

If there was one human settlement which had benefited the the most from Necropolis’ sudden rise to power, it would definitely be Gartmar. What used to be a small and reclusive mining town, had now transformed into a full-fledged city. It was the same Gartmar which had been all but abandoned by the kingdom’s capital,

Chapter 58

“ I will only warn you gluttonous Elf slaves this once. Lately there has been a lot of slacking during work, and there are whispers of a rebellion. If such a thing occurs, your punishment would be very severe, I urge you all to heed this warning.” When the overseer had finished speaking, I approached

Chapter 57

“Rise and shine! Everyone line up outside, double time.” A deep voice coming from outside woke up all of us Elves. Although I was tired, I knew it would be a bad idea to disappoint our new owners on the first day. Likewise Pirin woke up from her deep sleep. “Let’s hurry up and get

Chapter 56

My name is Binyë, I was a proud member of  the Ellin forest tribe. My ancestors told us that we were expelled from Elfheim about two thousand years ago, banished to our current world. This was an old tale which occurred long before I was born. For many years my people have tried to find

Chapter 55

“Noc, do you know who it was who summoned you to this world?” “I have no idea.” I had previously learned from the League of Reincarnators that Soleste was the first to be summoned to this world. I was curious whether he knew who it was that summoned him, but I didn’t have any high

Chapter 54

[You have learned Resurrection Song Lv1] ‘Oh, was that something that could be passed on to others?’ ‘Right, that is a skill that was obtained through Divine Grace, so it could also be passed on. I performed a similar action with you when I bestowed you with Creation Magic.’ Gnoss advised me telepathically. “Lord although

Chapter 53

‘Damn, how dare that guy make me an undead! I’ll get revenge for my colleague’s deaths and pay him back at least one thousand times worse!’ Lorina who had recently been turned into a skeleton soldier was clacking her teeth angrily. She was full of despair, faced with much stronger beasts within those grasslands. She

Chapter 52

I had selected my top 100 soldiers and readied them for departure. Over the past year and a half we have been using the Void Scuttles found beneath us to train and improve our strength. I also recruited exemplary creatures from the many races which chose to join our great city. Our entirely airborne, top

Chapter 51

“You fools! We have sacrificed so much and helped your people out on so many occasions, just what are you trying to pull here?” Roslin was truly angry, and it was not only because of the excessive amount of wine she had just drunk. She had been working together with Lorina for sometime now, and