Chapter 50

“Nature’s Sanctuary” Noradriana didn’t hesitate to interrupt my provocation in order to try to catch me off guard with her null-magic zone and prevent me from escaping. ‘At least my flight continues to be effective within a null-magic area.’ It was the result I was hoping for, because I felt that flight had become an

Chapter 49

“Whoa! Lord… please control your wrath!” Alpeon was the first to arrive back at the palace but upon meeting my gaze he was instantly intimidated and paralyzed. “Get back, don’t allow anyone near me.” Valenor had yet to recover from her mental injury and was still sleeping peacefully. None of my subordinates could resist my

Chapter 48

The enemies were probably very confident due to yesterday’s victory and were slowly advancing, expecting to win easily. “Is their speed reduced because they are escorting the an offspring of the World’s Roots? Gnoss, it’s perhaps just as you expected, they are transplanting a young bud and want to use the nectar here to provide

Chapter 47

Noradiana was opening her jaws to unleash a terrible Dragon’s breath while Valenor was pushing her speed to the limit, attempting to save me. I realized that I could no longer hear the Elder’s Song so I reached out to Valenor Telepathically. ‘Quickly, Polymorph to my favorite form!’ Noradriana had interrupted her Greater Magic Nullifying

Chapter 46

‘Alpeon this is unlike you, just spit it out.’ ‘Dragons’ ‘Dragons?’ ‘Yes they’re…’ I jumped out of bed and left Valenor sleeping on the bed, rushing the the highest tower of my palace. It was high enough to see past the cliff of the Pit and I could see the army of Elves assembled on

Chapter 45

From so high up the Elves below appeared like little ants. Thousands of them already gathered to march on my Pit, with there numbers continuing to swell. ‘Create Ice Wall’ [You have learned Ice Wal Lv1] “Ice wall! Ice Wall! Ice wall!…” It was a simple spell which I used to create huge blocks of

Chapter 44

Emptying out the bowl, She was bathed in a golden nimbus. The blessing from the nectar making her more beautiful than ever. “Valenor, are you ready for dessert?” “Dessert? I’m already full.…” “Don’t worry, they aren’t very filling.” Keeeeiic Alpeon went ahead and opened the trap door which connected the to underground area. However the

Chapter 43

Flap! Valenor spread out her wings, hovering over Arin’s position. “Arin, what’s going on here?” “I’m glad you are here my Lord, I tried to send you a message but I became too absorbed in the show..” Pointing ahead Arin was indicating at the attackers. They looked liked strange beasts, neither human or orc. ‘Gnoss,

Chapter 42

“Did you call for me Ms. Valenor?” “Hm, don’t forget that he’s still a king, isn’t calling him out by his name a bit too casual?” “Um…I agree with you and will be more careful. Dwarf King Inor, please gather your top stone masons, your Lord requires it.” “Yes! They will arrive shortly.” Valerno had

Chapter 41

“Valenor, over there.” ‘Your Pit is quite beautiful Johra.’ I was seated just behind her head, as she descended from the clouds. Because of her maxed Flying skill, we completed a trip that owuld take 4 days on horseback, in just 1 hour.. ‘She flew so high at almost 10.000 meter and going at speeds